Your setups


Setting up new music room after moving Bit clinical but it works for now.

Currently searching for some new complementary gear. Thinking about a Roland midi drum set ( im a drummer by trade, so gotta use that) anyone using midi drums got any advice?
Too many grooveboxes/samplers on one table probably, but still gassing for a Deluge. Feel free to post suggestions what to get.


Real time loop point modulation on the S-10 is the shit. I love the sound of that sampler.


Main Dawless setup. So fun sitting in front of this monstrosity and making noise


Midas mixer?


breathing out as everything fits in the new flight case… (Thanks @DaveMech for the recommendation!)


Finally starting to get a working setup, need to move rooms so now just built it within the footprint of the smaller new room(thanks kids). Missing is the synthrack(will be wallmount) with the 106 and A6 and the sampling bro’s SP1200 and Octa. Once my SSL SiX gets a rackmount that solves the Octa spot on the table, the SP I’ll just have to go improv…

Oh, and the 101! Need to fix my 101!


@DaveMech how do you manage heat from the devices with the foam padding? DT/DN and AH all run quite hot, has it caused any problems for you having them all tightly packed like that with lots of foam around the power supplies?



S-10 is great. I love putting sounds in it and use the auto-find-loop function, so that sometimes it creates a single cycle repetition at the end. Sounds awesome!


Never had an issue. The Heat gets hot indeed but there’s enough room to breath. I think the foam absorbs the heat good enough as well. It’s not very dense.


Looking good!


hey there. my Winter Modular Eloquencer has a Midi IN/OUT expander module which both sends and receives clock via 5pin midi din. its pretty boss!


Ohhh that SP-808!
My first sampler and the core of my old power-electronics act.
Sold it after I got Live, but that shit was great!!!
On the Deluge, I sold it and kept the MPC Live, the Deluge is great, but for me it was too much of everything.


Using the sp-808 for additional fx. Some of them are great. Great box.
I cannot sell anything :face_with_raised_eyebrow: breaks my heart. There is also a Mc-303 and a Rm1x in a case somewhere there. Performed loads of techno with those years back.
Also Korg MS2000 and a Roland D-20 in the corner collecting dust.


check out the nord drum 3p, im also a percussionist so for me getting to play very nice FM and other crazy digital synth voices like a drum is really nice


What’s that lovely looking silver mixer thing?


Bottom right? It’s a custom made arduino MIDI controller I just built (mostly because my APC40 didn’t have enough channels)
It’s actually white not silver though! (I nearly did it in mirrored acrylic, but it would have been a lot more expensive and the light up “send” buttons between the faders and the pots already cost a pretty decent amount.)


I’m not totally convinced, Dave, but I got the medium sized case anyway. Will post pictures and report when I’m up and running. Thanks for the vid, super useful.


Thanks for reply, looks great


Quality choices all over :thup:


Thanks, feels like it took a lifetime of buying selling and trying but the basic hub seems to finally work out. Metric Halo 2882’s <–> Orville, KSP8 <–> SSL SiX and an optional tube vibe of the Drawmer 1968me. First time hybrid feels natural and hassle free. Add Overbridge 2.0 and it just might do the trick :slight_smile: