Your setups


Hahahahahaha @dobermate That’s funny!

Since getting rid of a lot of items I was left with a rack of gear and had nowhere else to put it. For the past 6 months the cold edges of rack equipment dig into my legs as I sit and conjure up beats. My legs are also spread. Can you imagine eating at your kitchen worktop and no space for legs due to the cupboards? My set up was like that. Now, my set up is the equivalent of eating your dinner at the table where you can sit and put your legs under… HOORAY!!!

Sorry for my long explanation… you asked! Lol


heres my current setup


I watched it and think you didn’t end up racking them, just putting them in foam? That’s what I was able to conclude from the video.


Yeah certain. It’s just the foam. No need to rack them


Dude…dont operate that gear without your 4 point harness. You risk serious injury.


Not possible to get a little more space, say another room? :slight_smile:


yes o fcourse.




How do you like the Genelec 8010s?


I’ve got a pair of 6010s and the 5040 sub but even without the sub they are brilliant.

DN+DT and the little 6010s make a wicked travel setup.


That’s basically my setup


Very nice setup!
Do you use a DIN -> CV adapter to sync the Digitakt and the modular? Keeping my eurorack sequencers in sync with my Elektrons can be frustrating.


i think you have an analog four, so you should be able to easily clock your modular from the a4 cv track?!


This is my setup. It was pretty much just Ableton Live and MIDI controllers a little over a year ago. I used to think hardware was elitist, and part of me still does, but it’s much more fun and challenging. And it really encourages depth of understanding your tools which is my jam. It feels much better than having a billion software options that you’re only vaguely familiar with. I don’t really gas anymore and feel very fortunate and I intend to keep this setup more or less unchanged for the next 5-10 years. We are all lucky to encounter such well designed tools as the Elektron boxes.

It’s conceived of as a sort of modular system with the OT/A4/iConnectMIDI4+ at its center. These are ziptied together in place and mounted to a piece of wood which can be moved around as a single unit. Everything else can move in and out freely as needed, just plug in the labeled MIDI cable and audio into the A4 or OT CD inputs.

In its default/full-on/at home form this is the routing:
Modular goes into A4 goes into OT AB inputs.
Ensoniq VFX-SD + Volca FM + guitar goes into Helix and Helix + Voicelive Play goes into OT CD inputs.
OT cue goes into modular inputs if I’m feeling saucy.
iConnectMIDI4+ is strapped down beneath the OT/A4 and is the heart of the MIDI routing.
Novation SL Zero MKii provides in depth hands on A4 and OT control through 8 templates I’ve honed over the past year.

The only change is that this week I’m swapping my Focusrite Scarlett 18i8, analog mixer, and patchbay for a simpler setup that’s just a MOTU Ultralite Mk4 which will also let me automatically multitrack what goes into and out of the OT while simultaneously acting as a hardware mixer. Additionally, it will let me seamlessly inject Ableton sounds into the OT or vice versa with no fuss or unplugging.



That would be a dream and one day I hope it will become a reality. Space is tight here in Japan and plus if I had another room it would be full of modular and synths. I’m just trying to focus right now on a small set up.

But one day… one day… :blush:


Cool, would you be willing to share the ZeroSL templates for Analog Four? I have one sitting around and I’m getting back into using my A4.


Hey @nondes I’m building out a website to host my sound design/music tools among other things and I’ll probably include them there. I’ll PM you when it’s up.

That said, I’m a true believer in building your own tools because the process of building them exactly to your specifications helps clarify in your own mind what the equipment can do and what parts of it are important to you. When I’ve downloaded templates for the SL in the past they’ve never worked for me so I end up starting from scratch. Building templates for the SL is a bit weird because some functions aren’t available in the computer editor and I believe others are only available in the computer editor so you have to do a bit of both. But it’s a really deep MIDI controller - I don’t know another piece of piece of gear besides an iPad MIDI controller template (yuck) that could replace it.


Thanks @pax No problem, looking forward to your site when it’s up. I agree with you. I haven’t used any templates on the SL that I downloaded either but I was curious what you had going. I set up my own mixer setup and dig that so far. I was actually thinking of using a iPad template as well because I’m a fan of creating if layouts that could work there.


Yes, no problem.
I’m using it like a breakout box for the RYTM. Separate outs going to separate ins to use the filters and occasionally the Beat FX, and Master FX.
I only have the AIFA FX… Torcido, Bitrazer, and Scooper modules. These plus the analog ins cover all my inputs.

The MX-1 allows me to further warp the beat in subtle touches. Here’s a beat I made with my old set up. Basically the same but using old equipment and an OT instead of the RYTM.

The Beat FX and Master FX can lead to some instant changes for a quick breakdown.


They are great man, you wouldn’t expect small speakers to sound that good.
Great for a smaller studio space and don’t fatigue your ears as much.
I have pioneer 5s and rokit 8s but would rather use them…
I check the extremely low bass on the bigger speakers,
but they seem to do really well with it anyhow