Your setups


I mean, I don’t think the choice HAS to be made, but if I had to, Diamond Dave all the way. That said, I really think 5150 to For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge have some great songs.


Just checking. :wink:



You might have to update your user name :joy:




Ah, so YOU’RE the Boss!



C’mon now…


That’s what I call a Groovebox…


Just got a quad stand for my Volcas :slight_smile:
Setup updated.


I feel your pain…


Ugg. I feel ya @Hawk. I had a cat that used to like to jump on my stuff so for years now I’ve had random scratches on some of my gear.


@Hawk, bin it, get a dog, problem solved.
(Lights blue touch paper and retreats… )


I AM just kidding by the way!!!
I love cats. I have a dog and a cat.
What a lovely example of interspecies integration…


Hehehehe nice one! Those SE-70’s are lovely!

I actually have wanted to change things around a little bit. I downsized at Xmas and sold off about half and although that tower of power looks full of interesting possibilities it had to go. A couple of days ago I took that beautiful set up down and rejigged the whole thing. Sentiments were the same as the last time I done this… streamline and focus.

Can’t wait to plug everything in tonight and hopefully still have time left to have a play.

Edit: My legs can actually fit under the desk!


Current studio & live set up. Fully integrated sequencing both ways (modular to midi & midi to modular).

My main drum designer is the 12u eurorack, pretty much a 4 row drum machine with 2 sequencers. Throw the Digitakt and Machinedrum mk1 in there and it gets pretty fun !

scopes are fun too :slight_smile:


Is one Elektron drum machine and Ableton with a bunch of VSTs + Samples + midi controller a viable setup? I’ve sold a majority of my hardware synths and now looking for a setup that’s simple and flexible, while doing many things at once.


I actually hate how the 48 keyboard and Beatpad setup looks. It just screams “Look at me!! I’m a producer, check out my mad beatz and epic drops bro!!! :panda:


I was just gonna ask about those legs :happy:


Ask her to pleeeeeeaaaaasssssseeee walk all over your stuff, that should do it… :wink:


Can I ask, what the purpose of the MX-1 in your setup is? I can’t see any Aira or roland boutique gear. I have one lying around because I used to use it as an audio/midi interface for ableton, but after getting an OT it’s just collecting dust.


Have a video but on my channel about it. It’s build into the gorilla case gc-ldjc using angled jack adapters and what not. :slight_smile: