Your setups


Maybe not a Blackbox. A volca modular. A volca sample. Digitakt or Pyramid. Or just not buy anything at the mo.


Herr @DaveMech

How did you rack your Digis? It looks like they’re in a standard 19” rack…?


I’d strongly recommend getting Bram Bos Rozeta if you haven’t already for all your iPad sequencing needs. Then perhaps ApeMatrix which I find easier than AUM for connecting FX and sequencers. As for external hardware, maybe something like a Novation Circuit if you want more tactile control. But to be honest your current setup is pretty good as-is.


He made a full video of how he made it all fit into the transportcase you see in the picture.


About 8 months of work exploring and developing, only a couple shows later and I’m back home after a Van Halen fueled drive from Chicago to Louisville in the middle of the night. Happy to be so compact still. :slight_smile:


Thanks Switchmode. Rozeta it is. I have a question. Its kind of sorted for now but with an app with fixed cc, obviously some mappings from another app might be mapped to the same knob, not intentionally but if you were on another midi channel but the same cc. Should they then be separate?


Got a toy I always wanted as a kid but never got simply because he was just given a new body by Ultra Magnus and became Galvatron.


How do you find the SE-1? Or is it the SE-1x? I have a few Studio Electronics pieces and love them, heard the SE-1/x is awesome, but never come into contact with one yet.


He was given a new body by Unicron.


I’ve had the Volca Sample about 3 years, I really like it. As long as you’re ok with downloading/transferring your samples it’s worth trying.

The analog isolator sounds really nice, it can pitch samples, record automation, mute tracks, the reverb is ok, it’s different, works well as a transition tool. You can trim samples, even chop samples. Only 1 bar patterns but you can chain them. For $159 new it’s surprising all it can do.


Thinking the sample might be better if I use Ripplemaker on IOS. Not sure what might be better for sequencing apps if Im using a drum and a sample ( with their own sequencers and mute/start and stops ) Start and stop mapping to a Korg nano kontrol scene probably for apps via audiobus might be needed but maybe not needed to mute/start and stop etc. So sequences that you can see ending might all be better on a single screen, whilst the scenes on the korg change parameters on the fly. For this maybe xequence 2 and audiobus ( if audiobus is still needed for start stop and other stuff ) rather than Rozeta and Audiobus but then again. Maybe ripplemaker needs a sequencer ( maybe xequence 2 can change the sequence also ) At the mo I use midi to link which gives clock to volca drum. Any software changes would need to give clock and also a stupid question, continue to pass clock via sync cables of the drum to sample. The scenes changes on the korg would hopefully change to the designated AU which work now via AUM and also with Atom, so that midi and audio can be added for the synth only you choose.


Basically just need more arrangement or midi tracks you can see ending, whilst being able to change the sequence or have some sort of non loop based sequencer, whilst be able to switch to different au, without being global. To input notes. To have start and stop mapped to controller and clock sync ( maybe even sequence ) The Volcas. Thanks for replies.


Surely that trip should be fueled by Squirrel Bait, or Slint at the very least?


Nothing energizes me like Van Halen. Love those bands, and I guess Squirrel Bait is pretty energizing too, but they lack the strut and the hooks that I need for proper air drumming and singing behind the wheel :slight_smile:


I’d choose Swervedriver…


Nah, I’d opt for Swervedriver if I was traveling from Oxford to Abingdon and wasn’t in the mood for wee Tam Yorke and his pals.


If your apps are on different midi channels then the cc’s won’t interfere with each other.


Sammy or Dave?



Super sorry! :flushed:


It’s an incredible piece of kit. The fizz in the top end is wonderful to behold. The bottom end is ridiculously huge. I ran extensive tests between my Sub 37 and SE-1 for bass duties. The Sub 37 lost.

I refitted a new battery with the guided help from the boys at SE-1. They’re so helpful! They told me what part to buy from mouser and the fit was easy.

As great as it is, I am downsizing. It’s got some rack rash from previous owner and can no longer save presets (never used them but fixable).

Price: £600 / $750