Your setups


Dude I would have a panic attack having my equipment so close to the water. I know it’s on a table and all, but I’m pretty sure my stuff would find some inexplicable way of jumping into that pool.


Just takes one comedian doing a cannonball and your whole setup is drenched…


it‘s further away from the pool as it looks like on the pic. But indeed… i just did the pictures and brought in back inside :wink:


I like the catalyst very much with the er-301… aspecially with the 301. I control loopers with it, effects, scrub thru granular stuff. I did play live a lot with this combo and used the catalyst as an OT crossfader, doing transitions with it. You can even save combo’s in banks and switch scenes on the fly. Loads of stuff you van think about. You can control about everything with cv with this module. On my instagram i used the combo a couple of times (@jungleofwires)


Yes! A bit difficult to turn the knobs with the space gloves, but the reverb is amazing!


Thats my modus operandi now too! Tight very focused setups. Usually the Volca Drum and Digitakt make a good pair. Sometimes the DT and DN. Sometimes the Monologue. A single machine is basically my heaven for just having a Saturday sound design session. Then using those sounds with another machine later on.


I’m in need for a nice simple studio desk for a squared room. What do you guys use??


Output makes a cools desk. (Really heavy)

And you could aways get a simple ikea desk and Audiorax makes really cool stuff for gear.
Explore this site…theres LOTS in there.
I got a desk organizer from them. Solid!


Was on the ikea site the other day checking our their desks.
I fancy one where I can put stuff like Digitakt and Push2 in to drawers and slide the drawer out when I need it.

Recently the wife grabbed a Knotten for free on Gumtree. Makes a great standing-station for a single piece of equipment.


I bought this Ikea desk about a year ago. It´s pretty heavy (frame and table top are almost 30kg) and sturdy and also got adjustable legs.
Really happy with it. :slight_smile:

Before I got that one, I had two cheap desks combined (2,20m and a 1,80m)… Lot´s of space, but the overall construction was terribly wobbly. If my wife walked through the room, things started to move the table^^


Ikea Table Plate.


My humble video/audio set up.


My minimal set-up to sketch ideas:

+Ikea :smiley:


I am playing another gig with this setup and really wonder what I need all the rest of my stuff for. Synths including the modular are demoted to sample sources for the Digitakt (and Analog Rytm) and I find it very satisfying how fast I can arrange a new liveset. Other setups feel slow and unprecise compared to the Elektron-Setup. There is always hickup with midi program changes, parameter jumps and lots of other annoying stuff. For the lack of sine waves in any of my Elektron machines I might get a Digitone soon.


Is that a kettle?!?!


My living room studio:
Digitakt, Digitone, Circuit Monostation, Minilogue, Analog Four, Machinedrum. Microfreak and reface cp not in photo. Numark ndj500 just as player. Krk rp5 to monitoring. Behringer UFX1204 as mixer and soundcard. Some fx pedals: polara, obscura and gunslinger. Kenton thru5 to midi connections .


Yes. My creativity runs on a tea-engine basis.


Hahaha excellent!


My current playground. A4 is parked in the Band rehearsal room :slight_smile:


Looks like you use a Roliboard with your OT, or is the placement misleading :wink: But if you do, for what and how?