Your setups


What’s in the 6u box? what kind of stuff do you make with it?


Even sell the Virus? Just has a sound of it’s own for me.
I love your dub techno sessions with it.


ER-301 :+1:t5:


Well it has a sequencer (er-101) a mixer (Xaoc Praga) plonk on drums, Instruo TsL on bass and a Micro plaits as lead voice. And then a bunch of fx; micro clouds, verb, delay, lofi junky and a compressor. So its like a groovebox in modular. My latest gig with this case was two weeks ago. This is the recording of it:

Its awesome!


Thanks! Oh, the Virus will never go. :slight_smile:


I initially saw a MkII Elektron box as well.


Last update of the life „surfboard“ rig :slight_smile: Still completely battery powered (or through just ONE ac adapter) and everything is mounted on to the wooden board, which fits in a keyboard gigbag.

I swapped the digitone with the squid, which is dedicated to the iPad. As much as I love the DN, but for such a small rig, you have to maximize the flexibility … the squid is a quite powerful sequencer and the range of great synths released for iOs represents endless possibilities: 16 tracks for all kinds of synthesis.

the rytm is the analog beast counterpart to all the digital madness.

Then the Iconnectaudio4 came back into the game: the routing possibilities and the usb midi host port are priceless.

On the backside of the board there is a free usb port, where a controller of choice can be connected



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You’ve given me an idea as to waht to do with all my elektron stickers! I wonder if my Mrs will be down with that…


Hehe, i thought so too, but she didnt loose a word about it at all.:grin:


My current POV.

Recently bought the OT, primarily used as a mixer for TS and DT, each having their Thru track being recorded and played back via Flex machine for transition mangling. Still trying the get the workflow somehow, but it gets better :wink: rest of the tracks for pads and some sliced perc loops.

130 bpm repetitive quite dark 4tothefloor techno coming through the headphones, really do like this setup atm.

Cheers guys


Here’s the most recent setup. Very happy with it. Got almost all bases covered nicely. I’m working on getting an Apollo x8 next, or at least 8 more inputs via ADAT until I can afford it. I may also add a Reface CP but I’m trying to hit pause on the new stuff for a bit, and focus on releasing music again.

Also Lightroom phone app put that dumb copyright watermark :rofl:


Datt techno system owns :), love it…!


I love it too, it sounds incredible and hours fly by while only turning knobs…

Only thing is: I very rarely use the Toms… I’m at the edge of selling them to put another fx module in there or maybe some other percussion module.

But the looks, the feel and the sound overall is just amazing.


I did not touch the modules and build a small skiff by its side, you never know when you might need them. The skiff is build around the graphics vco and is a nice addition to the baseline module…


wow this setup looks deadly :sunglasses:

I will, one day, have this Elektribe too…such a great machine!


how do you like that catalyst with the 301? tell me how you use it!


Yesterday’s live setup:


Cool, you did a gig in space!