Your setups


Cheers, but obviously I dragged the scabby cardboard box vomiting cables out the room before I took any photos. Will keep you in mind for the UC4… had for a while now thinking it would be the business for the live setup but a distinct lacking of gigging has seen it underused thus far.


hah! well I used to own one and foolishly sold it. miss it very much. :disappointed_relieved:

so yeah, I’d know those white switches anywhere! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I’m really intrigued by you moving away from the Strymons (I own them too, but am not super fond of them either). Could you explain what you disliked about the Strymons and elaborate on what your new pedals do better?
Much appreciated!




I’m not Waves, but I agree with something I think they mentioned, which is streamlining + analog pedals can conserve current draw quite a lot (whether on a pedal PSU or for battery life).

I have an inclination towards the analog end of stomp boxes. I feel like, if they are authentic to a sound you want, then why not?

I’m obsessed with BBD effects, for example. A computer can emulate them, but the real thing doesn’t cost any CPU, and they draw quite very little current, and they are fun to play with. You can easily go full analog BBD delay/chorus/flanger effects.

Dirt is super easy to do analog, I have Operation Overlord and it’s brilliant.

Reverb is a bit harder to pull off analog on a small scale, and that’s where Strymon tempts me. Even so, personally I use a Danelctro Spring King with its misguided digital delay chip modded out.

Analog phasers are a classic with line level audio, consider Oxygene, or 70’s dub reggae phase effects!

Don’t get me wrong, I have no qualms whatsoever using DSP effects, but in a small form factor with low current draw, why not just get the analog pedal that does what you want already :slight_smile: In a studio setting, if an analog pedal won’t cut it, I look to a VST plugin from Soundtoys or Valhalla.

But that’s just for my weird workflow, and of no use at all if you don’t work with a computer! Strymon pedals really offer totally amazing DSP and if I couldn’t use plugins to fill the gaps in my analog pedals, I’d probably buy them :blush:


No worries, dude. I’ll detail.

The Strymon boxes - hell, all of Strymon’s pedals - are insanely good; there was a time when I was contemplating dropping a wedge of cash on all of them just to have the whole set! After I bought the BigSky (my first ‘very expensive pedal’ in that echelon) I never thought it would leave my board. All of my ambient YouTube faves used it; the Cloud machine was worth the price alone for that 50s+ tail; the cab sim… I could go on. The same goes for the TimeLine; a whole bunch of highly tweakable, customisable, ‘fit into the mix’ delays that pretty much render other delay pedals useless…

After gigging them a few times and spending hours digging into what each pedal could do (over the course of a couple of years this is) my ears started to get tired. When you’re using a mix of small-run or boutique ‘one sound’ pedals and then mix them with the high-class, pristine sound from the Strymon pedals there is, for me, a bit of a class of character.

That was one reason I decided to move on; the fact they are so clean it almost makes them a clinical tool. I run a compressor at the start of my chain but, even without it, it felt like there was some soft limiting and compression of my sound when I was really digging in with my playing. Probably a psychosomatic effect.

Another reason for selling them on was the size and power consumption; I couldn’t fit them both on my board (I’ve downsized significantly in the last 3 months; mental health issues and a need to free up some cash has driven a change) and I couldn’t really power anything else of significance from my board PSU.

So, I sold 'em both.

I’d been aware of the SA boxes for ages and had nearly bought the Ventris on a number of occasions. It was the only way for me to go this time. I’ve not had many, many hours with it yet but from my initial explorations I’m finding it to be very musical, very clear but not clinical, and adjustable enough from the front-panel to do what I need when I need to do it. The same goes for the Nemesis delay; musical sound, adjustable, and fits well into the mix. The Nemesis seems to have a bit more headroom and prominence in the mix when I want loadsadelayonmysound! I’ve found a couple of the ‘standard’ reverb and delay sounds have been dialled in much more quickly and satisfactorily than with the Strymon pedals.

You can see from the board picture that I’ve got, basically, all the sounds that I need to do what I want to do. I’m kinda a genre guy (ambient, glitchy, floaty guitar music) so having that set of effects is really all I need.


This is it, sorry for the cable madness. I’m always switching inputs and links between the machines so I don’t care about having everything tidy.
I also use my laptop sequenced by the OT as pad and soundscapes source :v:




I recorded my current liveset that I played last weekend. Everything else had to move from the table. I actually wonder if I just keep it this way and sell the rest.


I was like, that Octatrack doesn’t look quite right


Sorry for the poor photo quality. Here’s a closer up.


A comfortable chair and a drum machine. what more does one need :smiley:


LOL, sorry, I was just making a joke, if you glance over that Roland machine it has a similar look to the OT 2 … in a weird alternate universe kind of way


New ‘little’ portable rig combo! Easel what?


It may look chill but the TR-707 is more comfortable set up on a table. It’s already designed with a comfortable playing angle, so sitting in a chair doesn’t help much with that.


“Quantum Physics”

Yeah! :vulcan_salute:


I really dig dense focussed setups like this.

My wife is currently blocking our room, so can’t get to my Gear… therefore here’s my friday setup:


My new setup is total hillbilly compared to most on here! Still trying to figure it all out.

OT2, A42, MicroMonsta and recently acquired 104HP skiff. Also an ancient Korg Trinity, handful of mics, Lynx Aurora (n) 16 interface, iMac and Focal Shapetwin monitors


Hillbilly? Where? Thats already a big pile of very decent and serious gear! That DPO alone is able to deliver some great sampling material for your Octatrack. Or as an external third (4th) oscillator for the A4…
Very flexible Setup!


So after some time I am very happy with the instruments I have. I never use them all together, every instrument is an island, from time to time I shuffle things around and focus on that piece of hardware. So in this picture its the DN :grin: . The white modular 6U case is my self-contained system for live gigs (always without external hardware other then a Zoom recorder). Very happy with this in my little room. I have studio monitors but hardly use them because of the kids, so headphones it is…