Your setups


Here’s what’s keeping my ears and feet busy at the moment.

After selling nearly all of my pedals and swapping out the BigSky and Timeline for the Ventris and Nemesis (best decision I’ve made with gear in an age) this board is, I would say, it for now. Short of swapping out the Ct5 for a MOODS and possibly losing the Organizer (for now) there’ll be very little change. It has all the sounds I need plus the ZOIA to really double-down on mangling/drones/and general glitchy oddness!

(I’ve got the Ventris/Nemesis running in a parallel loop with the ZOIA so I can run its’ effects before or after the delay and reverb. Super clever stuff!)


Haven’t done timed test it but 3hrs+ with plenty left.


I like this a lot :ecstatic:

As a guy that’s had a Timeline for years, I am curious to hear about this swap. Would you care to go into detail about why you did it and what you find better about the SA options? I’d love to hear your thoughts!


Here is my current setup of the day. I use the Octatrack as the center of everything. I really like the Elektron workflow.


Yeah, for sure. The same as you’d I’d lived (and worked) with the BigSky and TimeLine for ages; I honestly thought I’d never let them off my board. But, as time goes, my ears kinda got tired of them both… I knew about the SA gear and had read really favourable reviews but had never played with either or really dug into demos.

As soon as I plugged them both in, the first thing that struck me was how musical they both sound. There’s a real ‘non digital’ quality to both of the pedals - a clarity (which I know is a total hypocrisy when you’re talking about analogue effects!) - that makes them both really playable. Neither sound super compressed or limited…

The BIGGEST pluses for me were the footprint (you can see how much stuff I’ve squeezed onto that Duo 17 board) and the low mA consumption; I’ve not had to use any doubler cables to power the gear. I haven’t looked at the Neuro app yet but understand it can really open up what the pedals can do. Plus, there’s loads of MIDI possibilities with the ZOIA, too.

Overall, I’m well happy (and they cost 2/3 of what new Strymon or Empress gear would have cost me).



Came across this @mukade
I think this will be good for your portable OT needs!


Lovely stuff. And not a DAW in sight. So do you record all audio directly into the OT? Where is everything going exactly?


I am using these for my OT mk1:
1 x DC Tip Adapter 2.1mm to 2.5mm
1 x Ripcord 6V c+ve


Working flawlessly


Thanks!! This looks pretty solid




thanks :slightly_smiling_face:
OT is master clock, n the modular goes into OT ab for live sampling etc.

Got a Boum on the octa master channel too just out of shot :+1:t3:


Nice setup. Is that a Tascam multitrack on the left? How good are the converters on it? I currently run from an analog desk into an Apogee Duet, but I have been looking at the Tascams as I want to move away from the computer as much as possible. Wondering about the sound quality compared to the Apogee.



Yes, it is a Tascam DP-24SD. I like it, sounds great. You can do the full mixdown and master on the 24 channels, with 8 inputs.

It would be great if there was a soundcard interface that had 20 inputs so I could track every single instrument into Ableton. Does such a thing exist? I haven’t found anything searching. Generally 8 inputs is the max I have found.

I absolutely love, however, not using the computer - my setup as it is currently is completely computer less/DAW-less and I love it and want to keep it that way.


Soundcraft MTK range and Midas F range both do what you are looking for im sure.


All my Eurorack is currently on loan, but I have really been enjoying sequencing the Eurorack using MIDI out from the Ocatatrack into a HexInverter Brains, and also using the CV outs from the A4.

This gives plenty of CV and gate outputs to drive the Eurorack.

I then take the outputs of the Eurorack back into the Octatrack for live sampling as well as into the A4 as a L/R sub-oscilator which sounds great especially with the A4 FX added on :blush:

Really really nice setup for Eurorack, one of the first times I have been happy with the integration of my Eurorack with my other outboard gear.


Here are a couple more shots from different angles, including some of the Eurorack in this picture.

Here is a panorama:


I envy you for having a full room to yourself…

I only have 3m x 0,60m at a wall for myself…including the cupboards.


Also Behringer XR18 and X32 (with USB Recording Expansion Card).

Edit; Presonus StudioLive AR16USB and Zoom Livetrak L-12/L-20.


Last night’s live setup: OTMK1, KP3, Microfreak, Microsampler, A+H Zed14, Digitech RP360, Hall of Fame pedal