Your setups


this is a quite visual experience too. :joy:



Aha I see these two pedals you keep talking about :wink:
Interesting stereo positioning!


If i would build this with my both healthy shoulders it wouldnt Look Just as half as decent as yours done with left. Great Work!


Yeah, excellent work. What kind of joints you use for that.
I am debating and building for a battery powered setup …


Haha, one is being used for kick from Analog Keys, the other for snare from Drumatix.


@pulsn and @russv Thanks for the kind words.

Had to look the type of joint up as I’m not a woods men. It’s a basic butt joint squared off and finishing nails. Probably would have mitered if I was up for it though.

Edit: Just a thought if planning, I would have left a bit more room behind the 404 as the midi cable is a little tight.



Ah, just just look so clean and straight, tricky to do with a butt joint. :+1:


I recently picked up both an Octatrack and a Virus Ti Snow, and built a crazy battery powered box for them. Having a blast getting to know them both, and finding my flow.

And here’s my little home set up:

Best stands to use with multiple elektron devices/small synths
I built a crazy battery powered Octatrack and Virus box, and just recorded my first jam on it

Lovely box! Good work


That is A W E S O M E! Wow! :star_struck:


Saw this build somewhere else - Instagram? This folding box is genius stuff. Love it.


That is some crafty ass shit right there, much to your credit.


This is my current rig, on a breakfast tray w/ usb battery pack for apartment portability


Ah yes, I have been posting it up there a fair bit!

Thanks! It was loads of fun to make.


@russv @papertiger @esq

Cheers! Get some funny looks on the commute, but I hardly notice when I’m busy making beats lol


Very nice!! I’m itching to try the volca drum


Great partner of the OT. Seq with OT midi and leave open audio tracks, mangle via thru machine. Or sample it and get deep with mangling. I think it sounds great, and only 150bucks.

I already am thinking of expanding with a Yamaha MG06 (mostly to get a mic pre) and maybe a Microfreak. Might build a case, might buy mixer case. Until we leave the 1 bdr apt, this is the setup.


What battery pack are you using?