Your setups


Not much smaller than mine: 3 synths, 3 fx, 1 mixer. I went through a lot of setups over the years, also including DAWs, and I ve never been as productive as with this compact hardware set. I d be lost in the large setups posted here. To each their own and to me it s extensive use of a limited set of tools.

(I have the circuit mono station too. Cool little box!)


it really is an incredible synth. very simple, but also very powerful. and just a super gorgeous sound. on top of that, Vermona build quality is top-notch. I’d rate it above absolutely anything else of modern-day gear. it reminds me of the Roland synths from the 70’s that were just built like tanks. it breaks the “they don’t make them like they used to” adage.


Well, that’s what i was looking for from a modern 2019 machine and the MPC Live is very close of being one…A couple of updates and it’s there!July is the next update month and something big is coming up according to Dan…
Really the menu shortcuts combo minimized menu diving for me and with some muscle memory can become second nature…Being working exclusively standalone btw…


Same here, when I bought it. I thought with the direction I was going, I needed more horsepower in my live performance rig. At a certain point, I was doing “bigger” productions and the MPC Live was a way to get some of that in live sets while maintaining the real performance aspects instead of the “push a button and dance” thing.

I was talking with another electronic music guy this morning about this very topic and we agreed that so much of this depends on the individual and what “clicks”. The MPC Live came up and he was talking about a guy he knows at YouTube who does almost all of his production in the Live, in standalone, then maybe adds some mix/master polish in Ableton. This seems fairly common, but different for me because I was focused on the MPC for live performance.

The MPC Live is an astounding value for the money. I picked up a mint one used for $750 and certainly feel like I got more than my money’s worth.

Maybe “bloated workflow” wasn’t the best choice of words. What I meant was that in comparison to the MPC Live, I feel that the Digitone lets me get to the elements of music making that I am personally drawn to, in a more focused way that’s suited toward the way my brain works. With the MPC I was starting to do less and less sample-based stuff and starting to try to work in the soft synth plugins more and more. The Digitone feels like a natural progression in my personal journey toward more purely live synthesis music.


Using the Digitone’s “Conditional Trigs” and “Locks” from multiple external MIDI tracks to sequence external synths is the jam, as it frees up the external synth’s sequencer to do other stuff (looking at that Circuit Monostation). It’s a lightning fast workflow. You may have a Digitakt or AR in your future, I predict - especially for AR’s CV sequencing.


Interesting to hear the comments on the Live. I love the form factor and thought it would be a great partner to my OT. Now I’m questioning that reasoning.


Take my comments on the Live with a grain of salt. It’s an amazing all-in-one device, and depending on what you’re trying to accomplish, might be ideal. Also, resale value is good, and if you find one used in excellent condition and take care of it, if it turns out it wasn’t the droid you were looking for, you can probably resell it without a loss.

I’m just moving in a different musical direction and Elektron had the device (Digitone) that filled those needs. My comments reflect more of my excitement over the Digitone and the way it’s clicking with me than any REAL negativity toward the MPC Live.


Don’t you go getting me excited about the AR. :drooling_face:

Now that I “get” what Elektron workflow is all about, the AR is looking mighty nice … :sunglasses:

No no NO! I have to focus on the Digitone! :rofl:


This is me, also a load of guitar pedals, percussion & 2 Revox A77’s. Recently bought a Digitakt so will be sampling the hell out of this lot.


This is what im working with now a really cool pair. Sending a4 through h9 so my kick stays firm.


When the time comes… well, I read somewhere on this forum that you should never exceed more than two Elektron sequencer boxes at a time. :exploding_head:


Nice. I recently have been looking into the cocoquantus from Ciat Lonbarde. Those devices used to seem so cryptic, but I’m starting to find some decent YouTube videos that explain them a bit, as well as demonstrate how fun they can be to use.


Wow! What is that?


Updated my setup, got a new table for my hardware rig. It’s so nice to have a completely dedicated space for making music now, without the distractions of a computer desk. I’m only using the computer for recording now with this setup.

A couple of tiny jams to test the new setup:


They seem to be all the rage now :-). I came into Ciat Lonbarde about 10 years ago, my previous setup was Octatrack, Machinedrum & Monomachine. Learning curves are great, what’s the point otherwise & the sound of Cocoquantus is really nice. On paper It has huge limitations as a sampling device but then it’s much more than that, spending time with these things is what it’s all about and the slower you go the more you get out.


A rabbit hole :-).


Looks like someone built sound sources out of a game of Couronne - crazy!


Please post your results. Looking forward to it!


Rytm 2 is awesome but very different from Live. I love them both but the Live is more capable and portable.