Your setups


I really really like it, but then again I was raised on RM1X and QY-70. This is the mothership compared to them. I mostly aspire to do some kind of indie pop/chillwave/folktronica type of stuff and I find the 64 step limit of Elektron sequencers somewhat limiting. I love parameter locks as much as the next elektronaut but writing longer tracks and different parts with the QY is a lot more enjoyable. I’ll never feel the need to complain about Digitone/takt missing song mode because I have the mother of all songmodes on the QY.

There’s also a lot of groove tools which make nondestructive and very cool rhytmic tricks on your sequences and then there’s some Kordbot -type of tools for transposing and stuff.

For me the QY-700 is a bit like a musical typewriter. I get a song idea, I write it down. It’s like second nature. This is the closest you can get to complete independence from DAWs. You get a piano roll and a lot of other DAW-like features without ever having to touch your computer.


Final setup!
Stoked to have the virus on leads and pads.


Matrixbrute looks epic


that ellen arkbro album is phenomenal


The Elektron Digibike probably wouldn’t have handlebars, you have to buy their Digicycle to get that. The Digicycle doesn’t include pedals though, you have to buy the Analog Bike if you want pedals, but the Analog Bike doesn’t include a front wheel.


Analogue sounds in my summer analogue studio


currently just this bad boy here^^
sold a Monomachine and a Machindrum for it…isn’t it nice?!


Thats cool, interested in what modules you are working with the DFAM and the Mthr32


What is that stand? Looking for something just like that!


From left to the right: Mutable I. Peaks, Mutable I. Plaits, the Disting MK3. Erica Synths Trigg, an Erica Synths Black Hole DSP with extension ROM, Erica Synths Stereo Mixer, Erica Mult and last but not least a Dreadbox Attenuator. actually a Erica Synths Black LFO and a Erica Drums Module belongs there, but i put them tempoary in another smaller sized Case. i also own the Mutable I. Ripples, which is a great Filter unit too.


It’s an adjustable keyboard stand and l added my own black shelving


Been browsing the forum for a while but never got to posting anything introductory of myself other than troubleshooting questions haha. But here’s what I’m working with, more than enough options to fit my needs. I plan on picking up a Rytm mk2 in the near future, maybe a Virus or a DFAM, who knows!

Im running Overbridge on my Digitakt & Digitone, and it’s rather sweet freeing up 4 inputs on my interface. I’ve been having a blast learning midi and familiarizing myself with Logic Pro X. Never thought it would be this easy


thanks for that, what case are you using to house them?


It looks like a moog triple stand. And I’m guessing there is a naked mother somewhere close by.


Nice! Scotch or bourbon? :happy:


it’s a Case from Moog, 60HP. it’s kinda the same from the DFAM and M32 but without a power supply. the power supply Module is on the far left, a 4ms Row Power 40. all 3 cases are mounted in a 3 tier rack, from Moog as well. and the Stereo outputs of either the Black Stereo Mixer or Black Hole DSP are always connected to my Compter Interface (sometimes a Mackie 1402 VLZ4 Mixer) via a Y adapter Cable. runs through Ableton Life


nope, you can get those already emptied :wink:


Are those orange TRS cables that’s connected into the OT? What kind are they?




It’s an unbalanced dual 1/4 cable by Cordial