Your setups


That s great. I like that kind of business philosophy.



Indeed I am. I assume any moany c**t on here is Scottish.


yeah I think it depends on your sound and approach… my computer is basically a glorified recorder. I don’t use a ton of software effects (other than mixing/mastering type ones). which means I don’t have to chase the latest hardware to keep up with the latest software. I’m using an iMac, Fireface and Logic version that are all a decade old. but someone whose approach is more focused around software instruments and effects would likely have grown out of such a setup by now.

anyway, for a more hardware-focused setup, you’re right: if you pick a computer, interface and DAW that are mature, stable, and well-supported, you should have few issues for quite some time.


oh, nice. I can see it now! I had one of those but broke a leg in half.

It looked like skinny little metal legs at first glance.


I’m still sore from spending a fortune on a G5 Mac in 2005, about 10 minutes before the intel macs were announced.

I’ll never put on a life jacket again.


i bought the quad G5 when it came out also. great computer. i recently sold it on ebay for $225 :slight_smile:


Similar here, no rush to update for software as mostly hardware with UAD mixing.

Wherever possible I’m now focused on buying from companies that long support their products.

There are a few well known interface makers that have unsupported devices that are really quite young, when you take into consideration the original RRP. Meaning having to update, and take a huge hit on initial investment against resale price once they are no longer supported.

A certain fruit based computer company are becoming worse and worse in this regard IMO, and so it’s a breath of fresh air when companies don’t build in planned obsolescence into products. And/or support them for years to come, making hardware upgrades available, where needed, to keep the interfacing updated.

It’s a shame that companies like this are few and far between. But it’s only companies like this that I will support and recommend.


@dave_angel We’re of the same mind, rocking a couple of Metric Halo 2882s here. Wherever possible I avoid buying hardware which is not fully functional without software, because as soon as the software is no longer supported your hardware is on borrowed time.


I share your sentiments! Been a long time since I upgraded core components of my setup and I’m afraid I’m getting close to needing some new things (computer + audio interface for starters). Very wary of modern business practices and planned obsolescence.

If you would like to shout out a few companies you recommend that would be awesome. Metric Halo and UAD being a couple I take it? Thanks!


Lots of scots then aye? :slight_smile:


Not sure on UA/UAD when it comes to their interface hardware, as I only use their Thunderbolt Quad Satellite.

It’ll be interesting to see what happens in the next few years, as a lot of people have their Apollo interfaces.


Pretty happy with my new studio space, have abandoned modular for a while and gone back to boxes.


Aye :wink:


Matrixbrute :totes:

On my wish list, without a doubt. Is that a Prologue lurking in the back?


heh it is yeah, I have it on loan for a project. Most the stuff here is quite new including the Matrixbrute which surprises me every time I sit down with it. It’s very simple to use, simple elements connecting together to create something complex.


My setup went through a major overhaul. I blame it all on the Yamaha YC-30 organ which started a kind of snowball effect. Sold my Machinedrum (Sacrilege!), my Monomachine (Blasphemy!) and my Octatrack (Lord have mercy!) and bought mainly some more guitar pedals. I’ve realized that my organ and a set of fx pedals provide me with the most inspiration and happiness.

Now my setup is kind of divided into two. On the left side there’s QY-700 based sequencing studio with Analog Keys providing analog synth sounds, Digitakt providing sampling and drums, Digitone providing digital crispness and Sonic Cell with a couple of SRX-cards for rompler duties. Today I completed this side by buying the VT-4 for vocal effects.

On the right side of the room there’s more of a player’s corner with no sequencing, no recording, no programming just inspiration, experimenting, enjoyment and musical adventure with my organ, my guitar (and guitar synth) and my beloved pedals. Recently I found this cupboard from a dumpster and it’s perfect for storing my cables, trinkets and extra effects boxes.


Hotel Travel Setup, beats whatever a guy is normally supposed to do 800km from home.


Had to stop reading here


How’s the qy700 sequencing work flow compared to the elektron sequencer?