Your setups


The Enterprise :wink:


All spaceships are 100% improved by a brick chimney. Such class!


Dark Trinity Day! :loopy:


Curious how you decided who got top bunk.


For me it is always the one i use the least


Playing pads with AR on top doesn’t seem a good idea. I also want to add a K-Board in the free space under A4. I can control A4’s macros and A4’s Perfs with OT (with crossfader eventually).
I think I’ll invert OT and AR’s places, eventually with 2 lighter setups : A4+AR, OT and friends…


So you finally got an AR ! Well done :tada:


[teaser:] 50_Shades_Of_Blue.jpeg


Love to hear your impressions of the AR.


Ah ! the Nova… loved this one…

The blue Korg is limited in some ways… but somehow I always managed to get something I like out of it. Mine’s a bit different:


i bought Electribe 2 to use it primarily as a drum machine.
and for this application, it’s really capable.


Yes indeed… I especially like how all drums can have their own distortion… which sounds much better than the digitakt’s overdrive. I do miss cond trigs on it though.


what’s the most important for me in E2 sequencer is polymeter capability.
and for the advanced perversions, Pyramid is the brain of the rig :alien:


Quite limited here as you can’t have more than 16 steps (can’t have 17 or more…). Better than nothing I guess.


Like a new girlfriend the first evening! :slight_smile:
Love story should last. I don’t think I’ll regret the MD. First I want to try to control everything with the crossfader (mapped to A4 / AR perfs).


LFOs to 12 performance pads is a trip.

Do you have an Apple? Collider is tops.


No Apple but midi loopback with random lfo on the crossfader > A4 perfs + AR perfs. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


so, new/updated Live Rig № 0 .
or rather working prototype — no stands, improper cables, etc etc etc.
but at last it fits a backpack! (except for mixer)


What are you doing/how are you using your Axolotis? Looks like just as usb hosts?

Handy bits of kit, love mine!


Reduced setup to write and record vocal melodies and mix songs. I have written too many instrumentals on the op-1 and op-z that beg for vocals, so I locked those two devices in a drawer until I catch up with writing lyrics and vocal melodies. The octatrack is still pretty new and is mainly there to be learned when I’m not in the mood to sing.