Your setups


Haha thanks for the kind words :smile:
Was a long journey to end up with this setup…but feels like i need a patchbay to top it off :smiley:


Been enjoying this over the weekend; Deckards into the MF104M, (and taking a midi sync off the the Octa) and the Mercury 7 on the cue out from the Octatrack.


Care to share who makes the chair? Really nice looking, I’d like to own one of those.


Bought on eBay - it’s a 70s one. It was pretty cheap actually, and I really like it. More comfortable than it looks, too


Beautiful setups of all sorts here, but I have a major problem with my own. MY FUCKING CAT! She jumps all over my stuff, walks around on keys, steps all over my stuff, and it’s making me insane. HOW DO I KEEP HER OFF?!? Plenty of you must struggle with this. I keep sheets on top of everything so the fur isn’t an issue, but still…


Is there a maker’s mark anywhere on it, or a brand? Looks very comfortable to me, so if it’s even more comfortable than it looks you must be falling asleep in it regularly.


Afraid not


He knows a way!



Only one answer…

You’ll have to piss on all your gear. It’s the only thing they respect.


that moog delay is something else. Ive had two for years and havent wanted another delay. THough the M is a bit wilder than the z, but brings the modulation and spillover which is nice


All the under the hood options accessible via midi are great too - the bright mode and such.


with my new mixer


Current rig, Minilogue under the table being sequenced by Digitakt but patch modulation is being done through the Push 2


looks that way, yes! I’ve basically got the same thing, with the x.sum and a fireface, and a Samson patch bay. I use the x.sum as a rack mixer for 16 different instruments (some mono, some stereo), routed to the fireface. but they all hit the patch bay before the x.sum. then I just route to pedals/effects as needed. simple and flexible.


So many great desks. Amazing. I love this thread! Here´s my safe place.

And a video how I use and sync this stuff:


This really looks like a joyful place.


IKEA stands ftw!


Awesome mixer! I have the smaller version Q-16, and wonder whether it wouldn’t have sufficed for your gear. It has 16 lines + 3 stereo ins after all.


HI there ! Just wondering what you’re using for acoustic treatment here. I’m just in the process of moving into another studio space and want to set up something similar.

Walter (on off on)


Awesome vacuum machine