Your setups


Jamming the Boog while cooking… Not a bad combination !


How are you liking the Kordbot? Paring nicely with elektrons?


In my experience no, I bought a micromonsta for Kordbot duties…but then again kordbot never get the spot I thought it would in my setup in fact i r a r e l y use it.


Just rearranged my synth rig! I put everything together to easily start jamming with everything in place right away. No need to start the computer or jump all over the studio to reach different machines…!
An 8 channel ADAT interface is included so I can easily multitrack my jams into Ableton for mixing and/or editing


This is insanely cool!


I love the sitting/kneeling mentality in this. Looks rad


This is why this thread is so dope, great job, love it.


I’m going to guess you don’t have kids! I do like this very much.


My late father was an organ player. He passed away last autumn but I always remember him playing oldies & goldies on a double manual. I didn’t always enjoy his playing but still I needed to carry on his legacy as an organist.

For years I’ve wanted to buy a Philicorda or similar organ that could fit a couple of synths on top of it. A couple of weeks back I stumbled on this nice condition Yamaha YC-30 combo organ for a good price and went for it. Sold something very valuable to me (My Monomachine) to be able to afford it. Hope I don’t get any regrets later. Now I’m thinking of downsizing my whole setup to be able to fit it on top/under this thing.

This thing is truly beautiful. It has a 3 octave touch ribbon, a fuzz effect, a bass section with reverse keys and two Yamaha CS-80 -style preset sections. The top is real wood and not some mdf-crap and it weighs a ton. Original legs included and the cover for lugging it to gigs was included too.

Gonna go straight up Terry Riley minimalistic with my beautiful organ and some guitar pedals.


sehr geil


Yeah, the dots are my way of working out what goes where. I was going to write stuff but I thought I’d get some coloured dots on the go.


That is gorgeous
Usually organs are pretty hokey, but this one has some craftsmanship goin on.


Very much a transient setup at the moment that gets put away every night


Baby monitor as a modulation source?


my little tabletop setup. the eight pedals on the right process my guitar signal and the two top left ones process the sirin. one side of the looper takes the guitar and the other takes the sirin and I send them to separate channels on the mixer. I just use the looper for texture and drone-y stuff so no need to have any sort of sync with the digitakt. it’s also useful for transitionary purposes. lots of noise to be made here. ghibli and björk for inspiration.


Well that is fooking awesome. I had a Yamaha CP30 with awsome weighted keys that loved guitar pedal, phaser in particular. I now have new lust, damn it :smiley:


Sadly no, baby monitor as a baby monitor :grin:


Those generate some of the most complex waveforms. :slightly_smiling_face:


Wow, amazing modular setup! Have you built the wooden frames yourself or where have you bought them?


The organ is gorgeous, but I think the dog looks quite interesting <3