Your setups


Ah OK. Yeah you probably need a book case and bass traps at the back of the room. I was curious about the apparent width so I questioned if the room might not be longer than it is. Thanks for humoring me.

Your space is esthetically pleasing, by the way. :grinning:


yea def need something in here, its echoing badly right now, i just moved from a small attic space upstairs, and while it was hell to work upstairs with the heat, the accoustics were great, with it having angled ceilings and dense carpet.


Here’s some better audio. Lovely LFO modulations of the Deckards arp.


Yamaha AN200 - Yamaha DX200 - Elektron Digitakt - Elektron Digitone - Roland TR8S - Roland TB-3


Moved the fire outside


Ow yisssss, that dx200 - i’m searching in vienna! very nice setup!


Sounds fantastic. After I asked about sequencing big voice counts with Octatrack, I realized that the Digitone can sequence up to 8 voices via MIDI. So, that’s always an option (should the need arise). Cheers.


4 voices via Midi for DN no?


4 midi tracks with 8 notes each


4 tracks of 8 voices


I thought that was the synth engine? Will have to look into it.

OK there’s 2 midi pages on each track but you can’t address them on different midi channels and the programmed sequence is identical.

I don’t get it.


the midi channels can send and receive on different or the same channels… but not sure what you mean


Sorry - I meant 8 notes, not voices. That’s what I get for multitasking. For reference, here’s the relevant page in the manual


did you see the deckard’s dream editor was released yesterday?


Panda Bear!!


I did, not tried it yet though


I sent my Acid8 mkI home for brain surgery and it came back mkII!!

Thank you, Alex and Twisted Electrons!!


The way these machines all line up (and how OP-Z and Acid-8 are so close in size) pleases me in such a weird way.


ha! thank you. i was going for a nice aesthetic and was slightly bothered that the wood table was not squared up.


After renting out my studio I had to get minimal and move in to the kitchen. It’s pretty hot when the oven is on, but otherwise not an issue.

Digitakt is sequencing the boog while Diva takes poly duties. I’d like to buy a Virus and get out of Ableton altogether, though i’m not sure I have the space. Maybe if I get a spice rack :man_cook: