Your setups


need some wall treatment badly


Very nice. What sequencer and midi sync apps are you using? I can’t get AUM to start/stop from my digitakt using the midi/link app I have


this is the saddest thread in music history




This is a great thread! It’s good to see how others lay out their gear. Setup is important for good workflow.


No way bro, this thread is where it’s at!! I do find it sad to me though when I post my setup as it lacks in many ways.


rozeta and atom piano roll are my favorites


Needs some cables. :okej:


A compact setup in the Livingroom so l can spend valuable time with the wife while making music, of coarse using headphones.


Interesting. How do you get the sound without audio connections? :joy:


Just joking. How’s the akai force?


Just setting up today still not finished


I’m really liking the force, as is, can’t wait to see what future updates will be. It is the central hub l will have everything running into it so l can have each track playing a different device.


How is the akai? Looks amazing!
After i sent this is see your response…great looking device!


I’m really liking the workflow very easy to comprehend and the four synths are great to work with. No song mode but not a big deal you can setup the scenes to play songs. I’m a drummer but not a synth player but you wouldn’t know it on this beast.


because of all the longing and the want it riles in you?

…otherwise, i’ve learned a ton in here about cases to buy, methods of madness, cable management, and whatnot…


Those KRKs appear to be front ported, ja?


front ported correct


What is the length of the room?


11 feet long…