Your setups


Yes that would be a mess with the Strymons in the same chain. I’m just wondering sometimes (in a wish for less gear) to use something like the DN’s FX (instead of my Space and in your case the Strymons). But i couldn’t find the perfect solution for it while maintaining flexibility, without brain damage :wink:


Had a lot of fun with the Octatrack last night, albeit far quieter than I’d like as the children were asleep. All the vocals and percussion are via the Octa, and it’s also sequencing a Prophet 6 and a Two Voice Pro, (pads and bass). Finally it’s also sequencing the Arp on the Deckards. Only a doodle, but you really can lose hours on this machine; it’s fast becoming my favourite machine in my studio.


Oh man, it is quiet - can’t wait till you can crank it up. The OT can only sequence 4 notes at a time - do you find that limiting on things like the Prophet-6 or the Deckard’s? I played with my OT last night as well, working on a 93 bpm thing that keeps changing everytime I work on it. That’s what OT does to me, hah. Love it.


Ill probably track it when I next have a min so I can link it properly. And yeah, this was something else entirely at first too!

Re the 4 notes, not really. You can always use two separate midi tracks if needs be to send more notes - have tried and this does work. I tend to tune one oscillator an octave higher / lower too when I do pads for a bigger sound.


yeah I sequence polyphonic synths with the OT all the time. but my playing is not that complicated, so it’s not pushing the limits of it. sometimes I use two tracks, sometimes not.

it’s unclear to me whether the Digitone will allow full polyphonic sequencing for midi. I know it will do eight notes at once for each midi track. but will it allow you to sustain each of those notes for differing lengths of time? or play chords with one hand and a melody with the other, then accurately play that back? (I don’t own one/haven’t used one) if so, it’s moving up my list of needs…


If I remember, I’ll try it out


Thanks for the tips! I figured you could just use a 2nd MIDI track if need be, but wasn’t sure. I don’t do much MIDI sequencing. Trying to determine if I should get a desktop vs. full keyboard synth, should I go that route. I guess it’s one of those things, too, where just because you have 6 notes doesn’t mean you have to use all 6. Less is more is a lesson I struggle to learn all the time in music, haha.


If I’m honest, 4 notes usually does me fine; The prophet pad in this vid is 4 notes and sounds gigantic in person. Which are you looking at?


Right now, it’s pretty much OB-6, but probably not for a while (i.e. up to a year from now). Just hopes and dreams at the moment.


I’d have possibly gone for that over a P6 had that choice have been available to me, but the OB6 didn’t exist when I got mine. That said, the prophet is a really lovely synth. Kinda my safe pair of hands synth.

UDO Super Six got to be worth consideration now.


This is what I’m messing around with at the moment.
I want a little stand for the Bim behind the Filterbank to raise it up a bit.


what a nice mood this entire setup/arrangement/color scheme provides! Lovely.


2 Octatracks!!!


Yeah, it’s a great place to spend time.
We’ve a giant green bean bag opposite that offers the crash out option.


Yeah, left one is all rhythm elements. The right one is effects, bass, vocals. The digitone chips in on this too.


Really nice layout there.
I would put two bits of foam or woodern blocks about 5 inches wide and sit the Filterbank on them, this would allow the Bim to be placed in front and centred.
Just my thoughts, I love re-arranging my setup almost as much as playing the damn stuff!



That’s a great idea. I’ll put the consultancy fee in the post to you! :wink:


Genius! @OverUnity


You have now the place for Bam and Boum :wink:


When that happens, and I get the evil eye from my typically very understanding girlfriend, I’ll show her that post of yours! :wink::grin: