Your setups


Love minimal setups like this, did you install the shelf’s like that?


Kordbot is cool, I use it mainly for the keyboard traditionally and arp, which is better than DN or OT’s. It is nice to search through chords to find some inspiration, but it eats the DN’s voices quickly, and a lot of the chords do not seem to fit well the style of music I like - but I’m sure that is user error. When the step sequencer is good to go, it will be a very very good piece of kit.


Finally moved rooms. Eldest son has moved out who was in the garage conversion. Me and my wife fought over who would have it and I won :smiley: for once!!!

Desks are raised quite high so I can produce stood up and the mix sat down. It’s really good as I can move to each instrument a lot quicker now when I’ve got a vibe going as my old space was quite cramped. I couldn’t even stand up.

Recently invested in some patchbays as I’ve love my H9s so want to get some more pedals or desktop effects.

All walls are painted white and at the moment it feels really sterile so I need to invest in some posters to liven things up a bit.

Also toying with the idea of getting some 1210 MK7s when released. Haven’t DJ’d in years but now I’ve more space I might bite the bullet for some casual DJ sessions.


If you ever get divorced, hit me up x


Bit of an update on the Eurorack… Have started patching since this pic… Absolutely excellent. Time to peace out from these forums for a while :slight_smile: Unless I have OT questions of course…


my current setup… :frowning:

so stressful…watching movers pack SH-101 and my Portastudio was making my stomach turn. i can’t help but wonder how many keys, knobs, or sliders will be broken. :sob:


Dude… you let movers pack your synths?!? Why, why???


Haha. I won’t even let anyone dust my gear, let alone move it!


international move…they can’t take anything that isn’t packed by them.
I’m going to freakin have a heart attack.

all my Elektron boxes are in one box. too much stress…holy shit.


As long as you packed them well or even better you have insurance then there is nothing to worry about.



They pack. I wasnt allowed. :grimacing:
I pack and it breaks…my fault.


I moved from Europe to OZ last year. Was stressful as hell but made sure I put everything in the original boxes before being reboxed. No issues at all.


No boxes for SH-101, Portastudio, Quadraverb, RSD-10, SE-70, S3000 :sob:


It will be fine don’t worry.


Simple :slightly_smiling_face:


Great use of space. Any details where to get a shelf like that and how it attaches to the wall? I am under the stairs with my mini set up. So I do not disturb sleeping teething son in my studio upstairs.


Nice minimal setup! I’m curious how is the routing/connection of all the boxes together?


Currently it’s just DN -> A+B of the OT, OT in studio mode, so cue out to Timeline -> Big Sky -> C+D of the OT. And for sampling I use DN’s input. Track 7 as DN thru, 8 as master with some compression added. I still need to set up midi for controlling the Strymons :slight_smile:.

Setting rec trigs for live sampling the cue out into a sliced and rearranged flex machine is instant gratification!


Thats the obvious way i think and the most flexible. I have a similar setup with my OT and Space and Nord G2. Did you consider the OT cue out to DN in to use the DN effects on OT tracks?


Hm! Might be worth trying out. Although in that setup wouldn’t having the Strymons in the same chain create a bit of a mess? I mean if I were to use the Strymons to add effects to the DN with cue, if would then feed that back to the DN and just keep layering the effects endlessly. Maybe my brain’s too fried atm to figure this out :smiley: