Your setups


I just did this exact thing with but with the Octatrack, Digitone, and a huge Eurorack case (Pittsburgh 420).

Best decision I’ve ever made. That plus a 300/month sample subscription on Splice ($14) is the most ideal setup I can imagine. Limitless but I am able to milk all of what I own for what it’s worth.


Yeah I’m still hanging onto my Maschine because I have a ton of great samples that came with it. Otherwise I’d sell that too.

Hmm. I’ll have to think about this a bit more…

I really like the idea of living minimally, but it’s difficult when the entire world is trying to sell you stuff 24/7.


Like I’ve said before, make due with what you have, and if you make it, you can have anything!

I’m not much of an experimenter, I like to compose and finish stuff. The modular will do some bread and butter sounds as well as experimentation and get me out of my comfort zone and then sample it, the Digitone is great for obvious FM sounds, strings, organic orchestral sounds like a tuba, bells, etc… and of course the OT to use those sweet sweet internet samples and arrange the composition / experiment a bit.

It’s truly excellent. Digitakt would work well there as well.


I cant see the top shelf in your picture but could you assemble this desk without installing the speaker ears?
Or will it leave an unfinished area if you dont?
Meaning will it still look okay without them.
Asking because im thinking about purchasing this desk but dont want to ise those speaker shelves.
Heres another stock picture for reference.

3173CDAC-5B26-4550-B96B-F534457EC4B5.jp2 (30.0 KB)


The speaker shelves simply slot in. They’re not necessary at all.



Peter’s correct. The speaker shelves simply slot in.

If you compare my desk to the Ikea photo, you’ll see I haven’t fitted the side panels. I also fitted only 1 shelf, not both.


love it!! tank of a rig.

gotta ask, how are you racking the OT? custom rack ears?


My current setup for mostly improvised live perfomance at my dance event with movement meditation. I like the combination of acoustic sounds, violin, looping and all the electronic sounds.


Glad you like it. Aluminum angle (25x25mm) on one side and folded (self made) aluminum plate (2x30mm) on the other. It’s definitely not the most durable rackmount, but I’m still happy with it.


Yeah looks fantastic.


Jesus, this is awesome. What a cracking setup. I love the custom tray you’ve got going on. Beaut!


the first OT MKIII! …Lucky!


thnx mate !


Current hardware jamming setup :slight_smile: Cheating a tiny bit, because there’s an off screen usb-synced Keystep sequencing the 0-Coast. I should have a thru port left somewhere to sort that out though.


This looks great! A few questions:

  1. What are you using as the flat panel immediately above the keyboard stand, and is it stable?

  2. What are you using to hold the higher machines in place?

Is this an all-in-one stand, basically, or have you added bits to it?


This 1x1m area of cupboard and floor space is the only bit of the house which is mine (in the utility room - pausing washing machine when playing). Children have taken over everywhere else :sob:

Anyway, OT and DN and unused Circuit Monostation somewhere else. Kordbot hiding on the sliding shelf.

On another note, I would like to buy a midi controllable reverb and delay unit to use as send effect for OT. Been thinking about the Alesis Wedge for cheap slider action - has anyone any other suggestions?


Take a look at the zoia. It has control with external midi, and is a “eierlegende Wollmilchsau” - you can custimize it like youhaven’tseenthat. I’m going get one.


Nice cupboard studio! I’ve been thinking about doing something similar.


Nice little hideaway there.
How do you like the Kordbot? I was on the list to get one but pulled out due to bills. Might get one at some point.



The stand is a " K&M 18990 Rick" with a K&M 18941 attachment. There are two simple wooden boards laying on the stand. On the lower (above the Keystep, for DN and OT) there is a small stand which I’ve build myself from wood and metal. It is stable enough for me. I can add a photo later.

Edit: A4 and AR on the top are staying on the wood with the little pins from the attachment stable enough at that angle.