Your setups


As in the actual wooden desk? Just a table… made the second tier from a shelf and some Ikea legs


Here’s my setup. Put up in the bedroom just next to kids bed (he’s 11 month). then i can put him in his bed and start making music. He loves it, jumping up and down, and he loves the octatrack slider haha. My wife sais "i like that you put up your music gear in the bedroom it gives it a creative vibe. Also i like it a bit messy, powerlines and chords all over the place :wink:

Octatrack is the brain with midi out to all the other boxes/synths and keystep to octatrack in.

Sampling from the Juno (favorite synth) and Monologue and using the awesome pattern sync between the Elektron Boxes. Running it all through the Heat.

Still havn’t gotten rid of the Volca Bass, damn it can bring in some sub to the mix. Making all music here at the moment mixing in Ableton, but really looking forward to overbridge for Digitone, then will probably turn more to a mix between hardware/software.

Using the same setup for gigs (without Juno and Monologue).


Here is my latest setup.
I had to sell my Yamaha FS1R and Analogue Solutions Leipzig sk to pay bills unfortunately but needs must…
Swapped out the Leploop V2 (it was cool but I didn’t click with it really) for an O-Coast and MFB Tanzmaus.
Quite pleased with the layout though. :grinning:


That’s a really cool space!


How do you get in the middle? Hopefully you have a rotating stool. It’s a nice set up


Space is a bit tight so I have to crawl under the desk, but once in I am good.
I have a cheap Stagg piano stool which is fine for now. A rotating stool sounds like a good idea though.

I’m pretty happy with it all.


Maybe get a bucket and a fridge too? :grin:


This is why I have drum throne :+1:


Yep, might have to get one.


Are you secretly Disclosure or Daft Punk? Seriously nice :+1: setup


Haha, if only.




I love seeing the turntables out loud and proud.


I’ve streamlined my setup during the past few months, selling some of the stuff.

  • Digitakt
  • Digitone
  • Keystep
  • Doepfer low cost case with DPO, Maths and Optomix
  • Adam A5X
  • Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro
  • Motu UltraLite mk4
  • Laptop (not pictured)


Love this minimal setup! Small space but endless possibilities.


Oh nice, didn’t expect the Digitone Keys to be available so fast.
Alright, joke is made; how are you using the Eurorack here?


Model:Samples, Arturia Minibrute 2, Modal Skulpt, Arturia Audiofuse and old MacBook Pro running Logic. Also present: Partcaster with aluminium neck, Franken P-Bass, Squier J . Mascis Jazzmaster, and a Yamaha THR-10 amp.


I don’t know if you mean in general or in this particular patch, so I’ll answer both :man_shrugging:

I’m trying to build a Buchla style rack. The DPO is the complex oscillator, Maths the function generator and Optomix the low pass gate. I’m missing a source of uncertainty to complete my initial idea.

In this simple patch the Keystep was sending an arpeggio in random mode, using the Maths Sum and Or outs as a multiple for the gate (I’ll get some stackables soon for multiples), the function generators for slopes of the Optomix and one of the FM inputs in the DPO, mixing two outs in the Optomix and sending them into the Digitone for some reverb.


This is a great little setup. And really all you need.

I bet your eurorack ends up growing though :wink:

I’m actually considering selling all my synths and using only DT DN and my Eurorack. But it’s a big decision as I know I’ll lose loads of money selling them with all of the new synths that have come out since.