Your setups


Weel… then according to my own experience with eurorack and the number of hps you have, I’d say you have 3 years left to live.

(but yes, you’ll make tons of sampling material)


Livin’ like Larry…

I did a bit of research, this was on sale for $679 and I didn’t want to DIY the case, 420HP for $679 was the best going price I could find and I don’t feel like ever having to buy another case again.


good that you took 420hp… too many people start with only 84hp just to sell the case after 3 month to fund another one.


Nicely done! I love sitting on my couch and composing on my A4, so I"m really feeling this.


That 420 looks pregnant!


Too bad the bottom two gangs will be empty for a while… Bottom has enough space for thick semi-modulars though…


That’s how I ended up with a dedicated case for semi-mods. :rofl:




Finally made a new table yesterday from a huge slab of wood and some hardware store legs. It’s great to have this much space so I can keep things out instead of having to put things away every time my setup changes, even though I only tend to use 1–2 pieces of gear at a time. It’ll be nicer for jamming with others as well.


My last gig set up.


Looks amazing! I’ve lived a bit under a stone the last months - what is that white (sampler trigger?) box in the centre?


Do you mean the Tasty Chips GR-1?


Wow, yes - researching it now, thanks!


Gr-1 yes, granular synth sampler


First post here! The A4mk2 just arrived, and the push is on the way out, I rarely touch it since i bought the digitakt last year. Got back into making music recently after a break of a few years due to kids, and this is the first time I’ve really made music with hardware since probably 1998/99, I forgot how inspirational good hardware is.


Lil’ update now that the modular has stabilized.



By far the most effective and enjoyable setup I’ve had (coupled with my guitar).

Mother 32 holding down the modular fort until my first set of modules arrive for my Structure EP-420 case :slight_smile: Much easier to make solid music since downsizing, and the modular is mainly for sampling experimentation.

Anyone considering the OT + DN… cannot recommend it enough.


Small set I had yesterday :smiley:
That miko pedal is hard to tame. If you don’t pay attention it sounds like it looks!


When producing:

When playing live: