Your setups


What do you use the Deco for?


Deco is alternating between the full mix and the Virus’ bassline, haven’t decided yet.


Any music for us with a setup like that? Looks exquisite.


Haha, someone always mentions something to do with what actually gets done with the setup… I start tons of projects. I make sample packs and project templates… I do a little sound design… I’ve made endless beats and loops, but finishing a project I see fit for a public release is something I have not yet accomplished. I’m also a collector of sorts, but so is anyone else with more than 5 or 10 synths/drum machines. :grin:


I have this trouble too.

Out of interest, if anyone can recommend any resources to help with composition, turning ideas into pieces, structure, and so on, I’d be well happy to hear about them! (should I make a thread?)


@tengig Yes to starting a thread, would love to hear others ideas. Would make a great read I’m sure.


I wrote my first garbage composition for an orchestra in high-school music theory class…

Honestly, the first step to creating decent elektronic music in my opinion is learn an instrument… Daft Punk became my idols back in the day, they began with pianos and guitars. You don’t have to learn and apply Baroque era theory or something., but theory is just a tool, and in my opinion the tool that answers a lot of “this sounds decent, where I can take it?”

It’s simply helpful to know you’re in a key signature, know what chord you’re at in that key signature, and what your options are for its travel to a destination and back again, like a Hobbit.

Edit : Yea I agree with making a thread, I’d also love to hear unconventional methods and what others do.

One of my most watched YouTube channels lately is Rick Beato. He breaks down legendary songs and describes what makes them amazing, as well as some videos on theory, and help for musical ideas, it’s a key channel for my recent progression.

Rick Beato

He even did a video on my favorite band Tool!

Edit 2 : He actually has a video about the exact question already lol

How To Develop a Musical Idea From Scratch - Recording and Arranging


Done :smiley:


Interesting that Rick Beato has been popping up in my suggested videos as well. Also: High five for Tool fans! Anyway, to bring it back on-topic:

Your setup is similar to mine. I had scaled down to two main machines: (1) Octatrack and (1) Digitone. I recently added an OP-Z for portable idea sketching, but I also want to work it into projects with the other gear. I’ll try to get some photos uploaded tonight.

Looking forward to seeing what you’re adding to the mix


Nice! I’ve been interested in the OP-Z for portability as well, but for home use I’d have to justify getting a nice iPad and I can’t do that (yet) :smiley: So far every video of the OP-Z I’ve seen oozes set creation and complete live playability/programming.

Went through a bunch of devices the past few months, scaled everything down to these two, plus what’s coming tomorrow and that’s it, I found what I enjoy, don’t need anything further beyond samples and I feel very content with how my setup settled. In the future I’d love to add an OB-6 keyboard version, I had the module and it sounded stunning but I want a complete instrument from now on, so I sold it.

Digitone was my first Elektron box that got me interested in hardware composition, so I owe it a lot plus it sounds excellent… I sold it to try out the Digitakt as my first sampler and then ended up with the OT and DN as pictured here… Going to be an excellent year.

Edit: Alright perhaps in the future I could use one more thing, and that’s the Toraiz SP-16, or MPC device, etc. just so I can have samples available that I don’t want to mangle, like just a basic violin sequence, choir samples, etc… But, that’s for future live use and not necessary right now.


i kinda love minimalistic and esthetic setups, the encounter of technology and natural materials, a (almost) perfect cable length to avoid the usual mess, ergonomic working, and so on.

So i build this mobile setup. It’s all handmade out of wood, with torx screws and oil finish.

It’s completely battery powered (over 5 hours of battery) and it fits in a small keyboard gigbag.

The lightpad controls the ipad synths (i work on iOs only - again for the sake of minimalism and to limit myself), the audio interface is class compliant and it’s called studio4 (4in 6out) from midiplus (chinese manufacturer - at first is was sceptic, but it’s a GREAT interface with low latency) The Digitakt is sampling from the ipad and sequences it’s synths and drums, and the moog… is the moog


I absolutely love this! Great work!


thanks, I appreciate it !


This is THE best setup ! Genius!
A great comfy jam setting and setup!
I think I might grab myself a nice chair and steal this idea :stuck_out_tongue:


Did your digi have screen problem??


i guess it’s just the shutter of the camera being too fast for the refresh rate on the DT’s screen.


After trying synth after synth and finalizing on the Octatrack and Digitone… This was the only logical progression. There are a few other analog synths I’d love to own someday, such as Baloran’s The River, MFB Dominion 1, recently the Moog Matriarch, and DSI OB-6… but for now and for musical purposes, this shall become my problem child and Swiss Army knife for sampling.


That’s one way to say “I only have one synth” while still keeping that synth budget busy.


It’s gonna be a synth for life.


Yes, it’s the shutter of the cam :slight_smile: