Your setups


I suggest to rename this forum topic: Your setups/Pornography.

My setup is:
Analog Keys
Analog Rytm
Moog SubPhatty
Novation SL61MK2
Steinberg UR44
Yamaha HS7 x 2
Ipad Air with: Animoog, Thor and others

Kawai ES5 Stage piano in another room.

My next gear will be an Octatrack Mk2, probably.

Saluti dall’Italia


Hahaha that’s exactly i was thinking!


Had to sell off the entire studio last year to get a business off the ground, just putting a small new rig together now. Snagged the Digitakt and Manther this week, grabbing a Yamaha Reface CS and small mixer with an FX box or two, and off to the races. Aiming for a small portable setup that I can be productive with - less is more kinda vibe.


They are beautiful together, they look like a proper machines !


I like it a lot. Bought it when they first came out. The mulimode compressors are a nice touch. As for complex routing I can’t really speak on it because I haven’t used it that way. It does have a second set of stereo outs you could either use for a second pair of monitors or an FX loop. I use my OT in studio mode as the main mixer for the few pieces of hardware I have and send 2 stereo pairs to the Rubix.


That’s exactly what I wanted to know - could I use OT cue outs as send fx and main to record at the same time


You can definitely do that. It’s also class compliant so I’ve managed to use it as an interface for my iOS devices.


My tiny rig getting programmed and patched.


What’s the 1u-looking thing under the stompboxes?


isn’t it to warm in that road case for your devices ?


It’s an exciter. I’m currently testing how it works with this setup. Adds a nice stitching to the final mix, digs the sound out of the mud.


Only the mixer and the Virus get warm. The other boxes are mostly cold fx thingies. : )


Nice. And that RNC is always a good choice.


Yus yus. That box is the evil twin brother we don’t talk about, the RNLA. :smiley:


I am looking into getting a Virus C/B desktop too :slight_smile:


It’s a cracking reverb pedal. Its voice is quite particular, but I like it; the extra-ambient switch makes it a great pair for the DN.


the laptopDSCN1666



The duo Octracks open up another universe of freedom on the creative plain. I love it!


Indeed it would. I’m thinking about it more for playing live, mixing between them dj style.

Anyone out there play live like this?