Your setups


Seeing that 4 track brings back memories. I bought it new for my Graduation present in High School in 1996.



I’ve been trying to get a Virus C or TI for a couple of months now, but haven’t had much luck with local sellers. Finally got a TI2 this weekend and so far it’s been a lot of fun paired with the OT. I’ve just set everything up with Renoise and I figured I’d take a picture before going back to work on my thesis. The only thing missing here is my Rytm mk2, which is currently still on vacation in Sweden.

The OT sends master clock and midi to both Renoise and the Digitone. Renoise sends midi data to the TI2 (the TI software has been a disaster so I quickly gave up on that). Using the OT to sequence both the Virus and VSTs. Hoping they drop the DN overbridge VST soon so I can use the midi channels on that as well to sequence an additional 4 tracks within Renoise.


love the norbert ish haha!


Thanks! My friend made him for my birthday :smiley:



I have a plastic figure of him in my studio too :smiley:

(Just noticed your name here as well…)


nice setup! i am also looking at the virus b or c desktop :slight_smile:


Totally get one. I can’t believe how long I’ve slept on the virus myself. I was worried it’d be redundant cause I own a copy of Spire (a vst that takes liberal inspiration from the TI) but after comparing it to the Virus, the TI2 has a lot to offer over Spire.

I don’t know about the prices in your area, but I was pushed to get a TI2 simply because people have been putting the price up on the B/C/TI1. I ended up getting this TI2 for the price people seem to ask for Cs now. I suppose the TI2 isnt old enough to be vintage yet :wink:


Class the Korg R3 was my first synth! Radias is the bomb


Jamming this weekend for my birthday


Happy birthday, indeed!


Had to get inventive to rearrange things so that they are all within access for live tweakage.

Put to good use my Lego Building skills and came up with this. Still have a Techno System to house but I’m going to keep it back until the Quantum arrives and grab another desk and use it in tandem with the quantum. I’ve enough to get my head round. Even found a spot for the OP-Z on the top left of the Prophet :smile:

I’ve a drone system in front of the Polymath to filter and modulate it, Ive an Erica Custom Dada Noise on steroids system that I built to modulate and filter and give fx to the Techno System and Nuetron and Boog.

Been up from 4.30am doing this :crazy_face:


My old minimalistic setup is even more minimalistic :heart_eyes:

Thanks to my new Minilogue XD, I no longer need any external fx. So I could reduced my hardware setup to nearly two items (there is a self made 2 channel passive mixer hidden behind the desk).


I am also down to this minimal setup again. Adding a third device just makes it less streamlined, so only these two will work together.

Have them connected via midi, so I can use performance macros on both and play the ar from the a4 keyboard… also a4 audio goes into ar compressor… they feel almost like one… can record ar main out via usb overbridge…


how do you like the AMA?


2 ARs? How’s that mpcx working for you?


Wired up!!!

Spaghetti Junction, But tons of options to route the percussion and modulate and filter, Percussion, Polymath. Boog D and Nuetron :smile:


I know the feeling. I just spent the day rearranging my modular and patching up a template type patch. Tried to do it neatly but there’s just so many cables!

I had a 9u and 2x skiffs out but I couldn’t deal with the mess so rearranged and put one skiff and some modules in the cupboard to help my sanity!

EDIT: By the way are any of your knobs caps on the Erica drum modules extremely loose? Some of mine just fall off!


Haven’t had it happen to the drum moodules, one did fall off the Erica Fusion Delay/Flanger but I just screwed it on again.

It seems impossible to do neatly :smile: I just hope amongst all those wires I can remember what’s going where. :thinking:


Made improvements

A DIY stand for my Octatracks and the Analog Heat. Out with some of those pedals. The practice is becoming refined…