Your setups


why would you need to have 16 DI boxes to plug line level gear into a digital mixer? It accepts everything. I even have my very hot modular running straight into one.


It depends if I’m multitrack recording or not. If yes then I use trs cables out of all the outputs and into the line ins of the Qu16. The OT has the Heat on its ouput, and the top 4 tracks of the Rytm are sent through the delay and reverb pedals before going to the mixer.


Blofeld does not FM, better get a DN for FM…


Since you seem to have unlimited funds, try to get a Midibox Seq V4+ with the upcoming CV extension. Or built one yourself :). It is way more powerful than the Squarp, went this route and never looked back :wink:


Yes true it is wavetable but does it not have 2 operators though?



Thanks for the clarificación :slight_smile:
Although it has a nice FM sound/vibe yo my ears :slight_smile:


Ya, I wont part with mine, one of the most underrated synths… And its price is unbeatable, got it new from Amazon for only 353€, black version…


I have been lurking it for a long time…
That will be the next one on my list for sure.


Got a Qu-Pac, just go straight in with all signals, works like a charm… :slight_smile:


I’ll investigate :+1:


Of course there is FM for Blofeld osc. It’s described in the manual, page 41.


Noted. Trying not to spend on more pedals, because, well SYNTHS :smiley:


Actually ended up trading the Deco back in for a used Timefactor and EHX Platform pedal. Way better combo to mangle sounds than the Deco😎


Preparing new setup. I would like to compose music for theater and short films with it… I hope it will inspire me, and some poetic sounds will flow out of the headphones.

My black trinity stills in the home-studio part of my little appartement, I’m lately rehearsing my live set…



Just joined the forum here and wanted to share my latest set-up. The A4 is the newest addition. Using the cv out to control my semi modular and at the same time the A4 is running as a 4 voice poly. I’m recording midi notes in Ableton. Sending cc to seq the A4 from digitakt. All while sending sync to the A4 and it’s sequencers plays cv. Mental Spegetti but how cool is the A4? Right…


Sure a DN is better for fm… But yes, Blofeld does fm.


Cleaner setup. Picked up some T7V monitors. I was going to go A7X, but then thought T7V plus more synths was the way to go. :smiley:

So those are ordered too. :wink:

I need to get the monitors up a bit higher, and treat the walls (finally) but I’m pretty happy with them so far. I could only get them 12" from the wall, (not quite the recommended 16+ but the sound seems pretty well balanced and level.


Enjoying the DSP7000? I’ve got the 4500 myself :totes:


I love the eventide. It is one of my favorite pieces that I own for sure.