Your setups


I was thinking the same thing. We have two of them in our band.


Yes, 3 Fireworx and 1 M3000 Reverb.

I’ve had the oldest Fireworx for over 10 years. The other 2 I got more recently. 1 last year and the other last month. I went through a phase of buying loads of pedals. Some really expensive/top notch stuff, but in the end sold them all and felt much happier with the rack effects. I used to have a Lexicon PCM 81 but I didn’t enjoy the Lexicon sound. I’d like to revisit the Lexicon units though.


Turned the wife’s office into the baby’s playroom, so now have to share my room with her.

Crammed into the corner quite nicely I think.

The case lifts out and is pretty much gig ready.

This side is mostly for sample fodder and inputting note and velocity to the DN.

Quadraverb because I like what it does for snares and I’m only using the Ashly as a limiter on the master level to avoid any nasty peaks doing any damage.
The 3630 and the Drawmer are not currently in use.


Great setup. I like your case. I’m looking to set up one with a lift off top myself in the next couple months. Would you mind naming the one you’re using?


It’s a Gorilla GC-LDJC. (You can buy them here. It’s a super cheap flight case). They come in three sizes and the foam is pre cut into hundreds of little squares so you can fit most things in without having to cut anything.
You get what you pay for really, it’s fine around the home and gigging out of the car, but I wouldn’t trust it on a flight, it’s a bit flimsy. If you’re looking for something really sturdy, look else where, otherwise I really like it.


Dave Mech from round here did a video about them.


Ah ok. Thanks for the reply. I’ve seen the video, but couldn’t remember the brand anymore. It would be for that purpose, just in and out of the car.

However it doesn’t appear that they ship to the US though, so my search continues.


Gotta love the big muff!! Best pedal ever


I love it, but it’s been giving me a right headache as it hates line level signals. I think a DI box is the answer I’ve been avoiding.


As a pedal fiend, I’m going to have to go ahead and disagree with you there. I hate ‘em!


Did I post this recently? Can’t remember for the life of me! The Keystep has pretty much revolutionised the DN; it’s feels like a proper instrument now.


Lots of my favorite albums have been made with them, but I can’t seem to bond with them either. I even sold my EQD Hoof, which I thought would be the answer.

I think I just prefer germanium fuzz faces and this is my absolute favorite of those.

I do want one of these though after borrowing one from a friend.

The clean blend and the filter actually really make the (Russian) muff circuit work well for me.


According to the Bobs, “We feel that maybe you haven’t challenged it enough”. Haha, I personally love the sustain.


Made a wooden stand to hold the DT, OT, and Rytm together. Picked up the lid for the Rytm today - and a used Deco pedal to run it through. Sounds great:)


I really want to get a Bricasti M7. I think their reverb sounds better than Lexicon.


ace! Pyramid Is great however I’m taking my time learning it!


I’ve still to put a bit more time into it, just finished up a video there now with the OPZ ran through a looper and Erica Drone System.


Ah yes pedal freaks unite. Love my Sunface and Hoof. So many shade of drive and fuzz with a fuzz face and vol knob/dynamiocs. I generally don’t love Muffs either but love the Hoof on bass.


How do you get the inputs into the A&H mixer? I have one of these at work and love it but I don´t want to have 16DI boxes in my studio at home.


You should try that Pork & Pickle if you get a chance. I bet it would sound great on bass.