Your setups


TC heaven!


live set up


My OCD just had a bit of a heart attack :joy:




This is a gigging setup that I use a lot lately. OT is the center of the setup, sending clock and receiving midi from the SPD Sx, sending it further to the AR, AS-1 and D05. Also present are an H9 and the VT4. The SPD triggers the AR, and sometimes AS-1 as well.



New arrivals, Boog D, Neutron and Squarp Pyramid :grin:


How’s that GR-1 ? Tempting gadget




You can get bleeps and bams on while watching Steph and KD. Nice


Rearranging for creativity! (+ Jazzmaster not shown)


Can we get a close up on that?


Nice selection of gear. I quite fancy one of those Odyssey modules in the mk1 colour scheme.



That IKEA stand was made for the MPC Live!! I have 2 of them, one for the MPC and another for the A4 MK2 :slight_smile:


I like it a lot, but I like ambient and lots of strange textures. I have been recording my voice into the eventide to make samples to create my patches and it has been working out really well.


Sexy and expensive like a strip club full of Ericas! :heart_eyes:


do you really have 3 Fireworx boxes? I can’t say i’ve ever seen such a thing!


It’s seems incredible for textures and ambiant backgrounds. I got Granulizer II plugin in the meantime… This thing can live sample right ?


It can sample live. You will need a cheap usb interface connected to it to do so. They have a list of approved usb interfaces in the manual.