Your setups


Sold mine last year, just in time for them to get cool again by the look of it…


Hi all :slight_smile:

Here is the list of my current setup. Pics will follow soon :slight_smile:

Waiting delivery of Elektron Digitakt (ordered today!)
MacBook Pro 8Go
MOTU UltraLite Mk3
PlayDifferently MODEL1
Yamaha MSP-5
Sub Temblor T10
Traktor Pro 2 (+ 2 x X1Mk2)
Maschine (+ Maschine Jam)
Arturia KeyStep
Kenton Control Freak
Korg Volca Kick
Korg Volca Bass
Korg Volca Keys
Mackie VLZ 1402 (all the hardware synths go through it)
Various effect pedals as effects SENDS for MODEL1
Also looking at other synths (Blofeld for FM, Behringer DeepMind 12)


Wonderful combo :+1:t5:


Ultralite is the mixer and sends aux from master to DT


Mine with the addition of an eventide.


Updated the fire pic as prolly the last of the year (hopefully). Let’s go spring/summer!


I already posted in here months ago but my studio has improved since.


Is that a Koma Field Kit I see? Nice, nice.


Yes it is. I use it with all the semi-modular gear. It has proven very useful in sound design.


Some nice sound sources there. Does the 106 work?


Almost pure Elektron for me, apart from Model D and Neutron (CV from A4)


not right now. It has a voice down and some midi issues. It is a project for a rainy day.


Roland MC-80, another brain from the golden era in my collection, was delivered today.
so it’s time to start building Rig № 3.
MC-80 has very cool implementation of Roland’s „Realtime Phrase Sequence“ feature — up to 100 patterns per song can be triggered from keyboard or other input device by MIDI Note On messages, so with Launchpad Pro it’s going to be a killer live combo.


I am new to the Elektron world, I have been lent an OT Mk1 and on the back of that I recently bought an A4 and I am in audio heaven playing these in conjunction with my , PER, MEK and Landscape Stereo Field (CV mayhem)

Studio View.jpg




My current hospital setup. Been bringing in something extra each time I go home :joy:


Hope you get better man. The bulldogs are all acting like they are the boss of the house now. :slight_smile:


Not too shabby setup for that at all, good luck and have fun :nerd_face:


Thanks. Yeah they were going nuts outside when I was making the video. That was Ellie the Pup and Reilly having a wrestling session :grinning:


Just got the Deepmind today. Pretty impressed. I’ve owned an OB6 and DSI Rev 2 and the Deepmind is up there with them. Going to prep my own patches while I’m in here ready to bang out a few tunes. I’ve a Neutron and Boog D coming tomorrow and so have brought in a load of midi cables etc to test them all out :grinning:


Deep mind is really slept on. I was so snobby with it because it was a Behringer product. Then I used some of the F9 deepmind instruments they made in Ableton and was amazed at how lush you can make it sound. This is a modern day Juno 106 that doesn’t get enough attention.