Your setups


This is his new company:

Fix Audio Designs


Just got my second Elektron box, here’s my rig now:


Sweeeet. How’s that Neutron? I’m eying one up for later next month…

(Does it come with patch / MIDI cables or do you need to get those separately?)


The Neutron has an incredible bang/buck ratio, and not just because it’s cheap. That thing’s got bang :stuck_out_tongue:
I love to use the second oscillator for modulation. The build quality is very good. Having a patch bay on the side is genius compared to the spaghetti nightmare that a modular is (and I know, I have a 12U too).

Only (very) minor con: the update procedure was a bit of a mess.

I don’t know about the cables, I bought it second hand (230€) and it came without cables but maybe there are some when you buy it new. My cables are braided, they come from ginko synthese. I replaced the knobs with roland aira knobs, because I prefer them.


My hotel room aka middle of no where setup:


That’s my desert island setup too. What interface is that on the right?


Roland Duo Capture EX not super sexy, but it manages to make itself useful in a variety of situations. I think it sounds better than my big Scarlett as well, hard to describe but I feel the Scarlett sounds rounded. Where the duo has a bit more bite to it.

Not as good latency as the Scarlett.

It takes AAs woot!


I used to be an engineer and travelled a lot… what saved me was an old 303 that I took with me… that and watching the Simpsons from the bathtub.


How about a Timeline or Volante or something like that?
Can never have enough effects !!!


I actually don’t have any guitar pedals, but I need more knobs, so yes!


I just checked my last post in this thread and it’s about half a year ago. Lots of things changed. I sold off a bunch of gear which I just did not use enough anymore. My SP-404, volca fm, blofeld and streichfett all have new and happy owners now. I loved all of them, but it’s nice to have a more focused setup.

Currently, I’m using the OT as my hub for the other gear. DT goes into input AB and the DN goes into input CD. The OP-1 is mostly used stand-alone but it does sound glorious when routed through the DNs effects. Usually I transfer the OP-1 tape tracks to the OT. I use the DNs inputs for whatever my mood is like, OP-1, OP-Z or the Roland vt-4, when I want to record vocals. The cue outputs of the OT go into a trusty old Edirol sound interface for recording into Cubase. When I want to record the digitakt, I use the stand alone version of OB. The OTs headphone output runs into the input of the DT so I can jam along with whatever is running on/thru the OT.

The DN is pretty new, but I decided to use it as my midi master. One reason is to preserve pitchbend and aftertouch from the keystep, which would not pass thru the DT. The other reason is, that I’ve got the OP-Z hooked up to the DN via USB. I configured the 4 synth tracks on the OP-Z to send midi to the 4 DN tracks. I travel a lot with the OP-Z and it’s nice as a standalone device. But it’s great to transfer the melodic parts of the songs I write on the OP-Z to the DN, whenever I feel like the synth engines of the OP-Z don’t quite get me where I want. They are nice, but admittedly a bit limited. I then ‘remix’ the synth melodies with the DN.

All in all, I think I’ve never been this pleased. I think I can now sell both my Mackie 1202 vlz4 and my kenton 5-thru, as they are not needed anymore. Now my goal is to not buy anything for at least a year. There is still so much to discover for me in the stuff I have (especially the OT and the DN). I’ve been eyeing the DN for more than a year now, before I decided to order (blofeld and volca fm kept me from ordering). I’m really glad I did though, because it’s just much more fun to program the DN. The OT I’ve had on my wishlist even before the DT came out, and it’s like fulfilling a dream for me to finally have it. I’ve been using the DT as a Pseudo-OT so far (playing and remixing loops made on the OP-1 etc) and I’m looking forward to just using it as a drum machine now.


You are all so tidy. I change my setup way to often, and don’t have fixed places for stuff. This is an example how it might look in my cave. This is a “documentation” of a setup of one track I did last month.


hELLO!) meet the new nooooob))))))


You’re not wrong. For a couple of years I dreamed of a “complete” studio. Now that I have it all I want to do is box up things I’m not using and put them aside for later.

Studios are for the photographs, like the contents of a library. A messy table with a couple of synths on it is how the work actually gets done.


Why don’t you try out Eurorack?
Ask her for a skiff and a module (or whatever is within your budget)
Maybe get into DIY kits too?
Its the ultimate bit by bit synth hobby. Its great for presents too because every so often you can add to it as a gift! :slight_smile:


If you don’t have reverb, get a BigSky. It’s the only reverb pedal / effects unit you’ll need… ever! The Deco is great for warming things up and the TimeLine… that + MIDI is a match made in heaven.


Electribe! Those boxes are so good.

(I’m beginning to regret selling my Octatrack… #sadpanda)


I have 2 one in the dt and one in the analog keys.
I feel like I have a modular with the analog keys too.
I think I’m missing something portable


A treat for my Octa and Digi came in the post today. Lovely, Fraction Industries.


There’s an interview with Chris Carter in the latest issue of Tape Op magazine and I could not help but notice that he still has the ER-1 MkII as part of his ‘setup’. :slight_smile: