Your setups


An update on my setups. The first picture is my home setup and the second my studio setup.


I see this rug in so many studio pics lately :love_you_gesture:


Are your Digitakt and Digitone silver?


Yeah hehe - Ikea show up where you least expect it :grinning:. Nice studio btw!


looks at silver tape hanging in top right


the official color is called “Void-Your-Warranty Chrome”


Just got the Output Platform desk to replace my 15 year old wobbly Ikea desk. So much better, now I can have all my gear set up at once without the desk being crowded :slight_smile: New gear includes the Culture Vulture and Neumann headphones. Waiting for Expert Sleepers kit to get 8 separate tracks from the modular into the computer.


Just starting on my Elektron journey with a Model:Samples, next up will probably be an Octatrack II.


It all looks so nice and tidy, but all I can think of is the cramped area for the mouse. :fearful:
How are the Neumann headphones?


I have my tracking set very sensitive for the mouse, so there’s actually loads of space.

The Neumanns are the best headphones available for professional audio duties such as sound design and mixing. 5Hz to 30KHz at -3db. They are excellent.


Whats the name of that 3 tier case you have your modular in?


Tiptop Audio Station 252






Sold bunch of stuff and bought a Digitone. This pair will be my sole point of focus now.


That is a sweet desk setup!


Healthy sized monitor :slight_smile:


Whilst I wait (increasingly impatiently) for my Digitone to arrive, here’s a wiggly panorama of my room. Case coming for the Deckards too. Obligatory plants have been added recently, and whilst they’re an utter cliché, they do make it a nicer place to make music in.


Changed a few things around and think I have found the setup that will work best for me - and that I can grow into.


Hi whats the rack you have the modules in on the right of the picture?