Your setups


Oh noes, the window handle… Aaaaaaah…


It opens two ways. Top and side. So I’m safe :slight_smile:


Nono, it has to point down, symmetry, symmetry!!


Been gearless (and homefree) with all my stuff in storage since last May. I’ve been answering OT questions on here for 9 months just so I don’t forget my sh*t (and to help others). Finally been able to bust out at least the :3lektron:'s. Man, this is just part of my full setup and there’s just so many endless possibilities I have a list of things to try in my head and it grows faster than me actually employing them. Been awesome just focusing on these puppies…

New Quan Yin power supply and been sequencing the plant on the left from OT midi tracks… :smile:

Best of all, a view for inspiration!

And thanks @AdamJay for the paint brush tip, works a charm to keep em clean… :slight_smile:


Congrats Open_Mike. It must be a joy to get your hands on them again.


Ah you’re that guy. Haha. It’ll knock over my gear if I do. Gear! Gear!


My little kitchen-setup :slight_smile: Mostly never used this big room (same size as my living-room) but some weeks ago and after eighteen years I´ve changed that in a three day operation. Now the kitchen makes sense to me :wink:


Looks like some kind of robot… :smile:


@Open_Mike I see it!!:laughing::robot:


Sheldon 2.0 :rofl:


Very zen like. I could imagine enjoying a cup of Matcha in a very Japanese way here. Nice!

+1 on the paintbrush. I used to use a makeup brush but found the hairs drop out very easily. Not something I want stuck anywhere let alone my beautiful set up. The paintbrushes seem to have more of a sturdier substance holding them together. Hairs do still pop out but they are few and far between to worry about. Maybe a costlier brush would be cause less gripe, I’ve just never spent much time looking.


That’s the first time I’ve ever heard that the kitchen makes sense to a man.
(Assuming you are a man lol)
My mum always would disappear into that place and return with magical things a few hours later. I still don’t know what happens in that stunning land of beauty and awe lol.

Maybe one day I’ll find out, but I don’t want to spoil the feeling.


You’ve never been in my bathroom…


lol! You should get out more :wink: The 1920s are long gone.


Thank you! I barely let my wife in the kitchen.



Your vertical setup reminded me of Conky from Peewees Playhouse, hah!



I’ve always wondered about the ergonomics of having machines in a more vertical position. I’ve been tempted by the DT/DN double stand but I’m worried that the top machine would end up being at too much of an angle to be comfortable to use for any length of time.

How do you find it? Would be interested to hear your thoughts.

Edit: just realised this was not your setup! Would still be interested in niruns thoughts though!


If my setup gets too vertical, it starts to really bother my shoulders. But that’s just me. Maybe rig up a temporary vertical setup and test before buying racks and stands.


havent finished a beat in 2 weeks, time for a picture