Your setups


It’s in the ruhrarea in Germany. Essen is the name of the town.


You’re welcome!


Like most (I guess) I am really fascinated and afraid of these shelters at the same time.
This one was built in 1940 as part of the nazi “sofortschutzprogramm”. during the (do I have to say “first”?) cold war it has been partly transformed into a nuclear bomb shelter to take about 1500persons. The whole building was sold for about 100.000€ to a privateer.
Because of the not yet completed transformation for nuclear weapons its status is “protected heritage” to remember those fucked up times.
This means you are not allowed to do big changes to the building.
The buyer transformed the building into a place where musicians of all kinds can do their thing. Some are professionals others only hobbyist. First day I met a blues rock cover band and a vocal coach. Man I love meeting up with music guys. Flashback to growing up.

Edit: if this was your question.

I’ll keep you updated on the progress


This is my current set up and it’s the only one where I feel like I’m not missing anything…


Well we have a fucking winner!


Changed my working space to the en suite part of my living room. Smaller, but now my living room is more of a living room.


That’s fascinating and very cool to have a historic spot like that. We don’t see bunkers come up for sale/rent in the US but we do see missile silos/bases from time to time. I always thought it would be cool to occupy one of those former nuclear missile silos but the prices have jumped. There are issues with the missile bases too, such as clean up and maintenance of the space. Some of the sites I’ve seen are massive at 60,000 sq ft/5600 sq m and I shudder to think of the cost to power such a facility. Another downside with the missile bases is that many have been polluted by very nasty rocket fuel and various solvents. Clean up isn’t for the faint of heart with a light wallet. You’re fortunate to not have to deal with that nonsense.

I think it’s good that we have these memorials to remind us all of the utter pointlessness and wastefulness of war. Cheers to you and best of luck in shaping it into a productive place for your projects.


Off-topic: if some guys of you visit Germany I can strongly recommend to visit the “Dokumentationsstelle Regierungsbunker” near Bonn / Cologne. It was a frightening and impressive experience


Nice and clean


That lighting tho


Jam Session last weekend.


This looks like an inspiring space. Windows in the wintertime. nice.


how is the MPC X?


I like it a lot. I have had it about a year and they have done great support with the firmware updates. Its a much different approach making music than the elektron machines. The Force is also really cool and has a completely different workflow.


I had a 1000, 2500 and 200xl back in the day. Loved the workflow. on the fence about getting a X. Nice setup dude.


Oh man that Tasty Chips GR-1 is sick!Played with it in last year’s Superbooth…GAS attack!




The more I think about occupying these missile bases the more I think it’s a shame that we can’t just occupy a base and build an open minded (music/etc) art head quarter. There have been so many glorious creative groups that wouldn’t have been THAT glorious if noone wouldn’t have had the balls to start this kind of project.
It’s cool to get in touch with all these people via the www. But sometimes it’s sad because it stops forcing us to meet up and collaborate in real life.
Imagine a bunker like this where 30rooms were occupied by elektronaut people.


That would probably produce some mind blowing and artistically meaningful results.


I wanted a smaller case to carry around when not at home, and I though this would be the perfect occasion to build an instrument around the Morphagene which I had been eying for a while. I just needed to lift some key modules from the main case, sprinkle some Magneto because I’m a delay junkie… et voilà : filtered, delayed and reverberated slow-mo loops on tap.