Your setups


Here’s the record :blush:


rig № 2:

live rig № 1 again, no redundant input devices:


Very happy with my musical output using this setup, using the suitcase rig for live performance has made things easier on the mind!


Loving the tape machine. Is that some sort of mini reel to reel… what is that @VanillaSun?


Nice. Looks like a nightmare to dust though!


Right you are! 1/4" tape machine from the 60’s, found at a flea market with loads of old tapes with history of Canada on em. Digitalized for future sampling!


Sweet find! It looks awesome too.


Nice setup! And love the plants! :slight_smile:

How do you like and use that MPC1000? I have one too but thinking about selling it.


@chaocrator: I’d love to hear more about your experience with the XL-7; perhaps simply PM-ing you about this would be more suitable. hmm. Really dig the shots tho :slight_smile:

@VanillaSun: I must ask – what on earth happened to the AR? :rofl:


feel free to PM, but to put it in 3 words — it just rocks.
i even planning to buy a spare unit next week.


Not lusting after any music making tools so I’ve been working primarily on improving my signal chain and getting some utilitarian aspects of my space sorted :slight_smile:


Came to South East Asia for a few months and that’s all the gear I kept. Originally I was planning the OT instead of the DT but the unit I received had a faulty card reader and I had to return it. Faith did not want us to be together again.


People think that synths and drum machines are expensive. If you fall into the world of buying high end recording equipment (mics, preamps, etc) then you really start to spend big money. I have microphones that cost more than my entire synth collection.


Im SO down with this. Synths are synths…whatever. But a rack of shit that makes stuff sound good…THATS tite!

Sick rack!


Well, I love synths, but yeah, I’m more than good with the tools for awhile. To your point though, this stuff matters. Monitoring even moreso than this signal processing stuff.


Re: synth…i just mean in this day of the synth sounding like all synth. Companies trying to make the do it all synths.

But but rack of solid processing is sweet!


Love the 1973


I knew that record, but I didn’t want to be such a show off and then wonder if you would still love me tomorrow. :blush:


like thisDSCN1644


Yeah, my hope is that when I get back to more traditional zones, it’ll really help to dial in a nice kick. I recorded the Party Knüllers+Jaimie Branch set here in Louisville a week ago with a pair of LOMs and ran it through some of this and it sounded great. Lots of exploration to do to dial in the zones though of course.