Your setups


Digitakt is on vacation in my bedroom. I’ve decided to pull Medusa as well. Operating in focused mode now.

Still building the new modular when I have a minute or three.


:banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: 4 ever!


And aren’t they just delightful! :wink:


AND a VF-1. He just needs a Midiverb II in there…


You have a good eye, I’m blown away you even saw that!!!
I love The Police :heart_eyes:


I see records! I was such a dorky 14 year-old that I got a copy of Arthur Koestler’s book, The Ghost In The Machine and tried to comprehend it. The synths caught my attention on that album.


I love my Particle!!! Love it!!!
I’ll send you some stuff I’ve done with it, I keep forgetting about that. I played a bass guitar thru it… sampled myself playing while adjusting the Particle parameters. Chopped it up & made a song. Each note from the bass had a different Particle setting. It sounds cool as fuck.

You can run ANYTHING thru that bad boy & it will sound good. From crazy to beautiful. You know!!!


Well its right there in the mirror how can you miss that?, personally I am more curious about the record next to it with the head on the cover.


Finally got my new apartment sorted, with my gear in the bedroom :relieved:
Not easy to see the gear, but have accumulated more analog than I expected !

Gear list …
OT Mk2
Heat Mk1
Nord drum 2
Specular Tempus
Jomox airbase 99
SSL bus comp clone
dbx166 original
Audient ASP880
Lexicon PCM81
Behringer Neutron
Crest X4 mixer
MPC studio
Access Virus Ti2 Polar
Neumann KH120
Metric Halo ULN-2
Guitars and stuff

Suits me just fine :sunglasses:


Uh that Crest. How are the pres overdriving ?
Also are you using it for tracking or summing =?


I haven’t pushed the pre’s yet
(I have the audient, ULN-2 and heat for those purposes) so I use it for EQing (nice EQ’s !) general mixing, and grouping (EQ’s on groups as well) to the 2 comps, auxes for the 2 FX boxes
I then record stereo mixes into the mac, which I then chop up and throw back into the OT for arranging and portable jamming of my ’ studio sound’


New setup for my personal dream place, the Sala Giochi:

Plus: the view from the window of the studio, on the ancient Etruscan City of Arezzo, Toscana, Italy, with its 3.000 years of hystory


I believe you have your desk set on the wrong side of room :slight_smile:


Them pedals tho…


hehe yea yea :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I looked at the pic when it was small… then I made the pic bigger & you’re right, I could even see Police :grin:

I can’t remember what record that is, I’ll let you know when I get home. That specific pile is for records I haven’t sampled yet.


Nice combo! I hope you keep the MD, or maybe upgrade to a MDUW :grin:


Lots of fun with this! Currently invading my mum’s living room. Love that I can just plug the case in and be making music in seconds. Total MIDI recall on the SE-02 and Ventris makes this a dream. Currently working on what will hopefully be my first live set next month…


Here’s the record :blush:


rig № 2:

live rig № 1 again, no redundant input devices:


Very happy with my musical output using this setup, using the suitcase rig for live performance has made things easier on the mind!