Your setups


Are you using an amp with your Sennheiser’s?


Yeah, I’ve got a darkvoice 339. Although I don’t often use them with this setup, more for listening to other people’s music :smiley:


Haha! Now you’ve set off my mild OCD.

Trying. To. Resist. Editing. The. Post…


To be fair, the mixer/effect row is somewhat asymmetrical too - the keystep is just the “response” to this asymmetry. :thinking:


in general, your advice looks reasonable, but i don’t like sampled stuff much and have no sampler.

actually, finger drumming is a lot more fun (for me) than sampling techniques.


do you really need that bin there?


You get advanced course credit for your copy of Ghost In The Machine. :man_teacher:


Hey there! Or hello again, I should say lol

I’ve just reconfigured my set up and made the choice to take the RV500 out of the OB6 line of effects and use the Roland SRV-330 for a win-win situation.

I use the RV500 as two separate amazing verbs. I’m running my Sub 37 through one channel and the snare/claps through the other.

Personally, I think it’s a lot of verb for the wonga. As a super duper verb for a magical synth it is very good (only very good).

What will you be running through it?


I’m thinking one of the AS-1’s through A and field recordings/noise through B (on sends)…


just a sticker :blush:
It’s 1 of those vinyl stickers.


Sorry to disappoint - London! :uk:


No advice :smile: Just sayin… A LOT of gear isn’t portable. But there are A LOT of ways to MAKE the sounds portable.

If you don’t use samples what sounds do you finger drum?

& I’m sure you know… sampling techniques are COMPLETELY different than finger drumming. Finger drumming is just bangin on pads.
Sampling techniques… there are thousands of sampling techniques.

Lastly, you don’t like sampled stuff? ANYTHING can be sampled tho. Not liking sampled stuff is not liking sound. So I don’t get this statement… I think you just mean you don’t like playing with samples. Which is fine :blush: But if you don’t like playing with samples… what do you play with? Only synths? Nothing else?

Not arguing… just VERY confused & curious by your statements…

& understandable if you don’t have a sampler.
Sounds like you don’t have drums either, so guess it doesn’t matter!


Ok, I had a month of boxes and just knew I needed to fix up my space. I needed everything within arms reach when I jam and it wasn’t. It still felt hodge-podged with the boxes and I had to graduate from that/them after many years. In the new year I got rid of everything I really didn’t need. I still have stuff that I could cut out and that will happen next year I’m sure. I’m looking for progress, not perfection.

I spent a long time here…

In the new year I tried downsizing and made it to this…

I just didn’t feel right but I knew I was almost there and going through the process of making it half-way I have now got something to be really proud of and neat to look at.

This morning I linked up all the gear with midi. It can be controlled via my Octatracks. I am looking forward to messing around with some trigs on CC parametres in effect units and not just synths.

I can also pick the shelf up and move the two OT’s to a different space - the recommended listening position - to work on the mixing aspect.

My new space looks like this… and I for one am hella proud of it.

This is a dream set up. Now I have to hit goals.


That was gonna be my second guess. Perhaps the mystique is even higher! I enjoyed visiting London a few years back. cheers!


synthesized drums (there are plenty for Blofeld & Virus), and various clangorous FM sounds. (actually, i bought my very 1st synth, PreenFM2, to add more „industrial“ sounds to my e-drums).


How is that Leipzig-S treating you? Those things sound so vicious.


FX king. 3x SE-70 :+1:t4:


Just gotta rise the speakers. Not really using them so it’s a low priority right now.


Nice! I really like the Blofeld. A lot.
& yes plenty of synthesized drums out there!!
I get it… samples are just not your thing
& there is nothing wrong with that :blush:


I see them Roland modular effects!