Your setups


Nice set up dude. Really like the artwork too.


Fuzzy chair for the win!


Might be the record. He he. Picture is taken almost at the back of the room as well. The gear vs square meter ratio is high.


Haha, yeah. I bought a desk and chair at a place that’s cheaper and has lower quality than ikea. It was so painful to sit in, so I took some EVA foam and a fuzzy thing my girlfriend had.


You get hot in there?
Nice little nook though…


wow, I can only imagine what your car looks like! :laughing:

(just joking. that’s an awesome little music space you got there.)


It’s connected to the bedroom. And that’s pretty cold during the winter. But this summer I couldn’t use it. It was too hot!




You tried fans/heaters?
You are definitely restricted in terms of prospective purchases!
Then again, less is more, and I hope that little crevice is inspirational and productive.
I like it a lot!


Ventilation is a problem, so i only go at it for a couple of hours at the time. Went from living in a house to a small apartment, so gotta suffer untill i can move to something bigger. hehe.

Temperature is not a problem now. But last summer was one of the warmest here in Norway, so it was about 32 C (aprox 90 F). Didnt have any equipement up during the summer. Went mountainbiking in stead. hehe.

I have an extreme case of GAS these days, so the small room is helping me. But just discovered guitarpedals, so i migth be able to cram in some more stuff. haha.


Norway! Noway!
At least you have the dictation to your past times and can compartmentalise!
Get an OP-1!


i like this mantra. i’ll try something like, “i will not buy more gear until i finish A track.”

…sorry if you’ve already answered, but what’s that white drum machine? I zoomed in but my ‘enhance’ is not working


why not just set up in your bedroom in the corner?


Bedroom is too small. Got like 40cm on each side of the bed. And I got my girlfriend to accept that my bike is stored in the living room, so couldn’t set up there either. But it’s only temporary. Hopefully we will be able to buy a house this year. Then I will build a proper studio! :slight_smile:


Love that imac, thinking about grabbing one for, not the new one, maybe 2013… how old is yours?


use this to have your bike on the ceiling


So I have a templeboard too. I got a DUO17 on which to mount a DT&DN (or AH). It wasn’t quite wide enough (SOLO18 probably would’ve worked better), but I made it work. I didn’t remove the rubber feet from my boxes, but that would’ve made life a lot easier. I engineered my own solution (which I may have posted in this thread). I recently reworked my templeboard to be FX only (Heat, Strymon Volante, Meris Mercury7).

One warning would be that a board with all that gear on it would get pretty heavy, and might not be that portable. I guess that depends on what you plan on doing with it. However, it is nice to just have one power button to hit. I’m not sure what size you’ll need, but it might have to be pretty big in order to have room for cabling too.



  1. Yes, removed the feet
  2. I believe it’s the trio 28. What i did was lay out the gear i was going to add and measure Before ordering
  3. Yeah, great board. Clean.


Good call. Mine is not too heavy but it’s just the ot and pedals.


@cold_fashioned @Stemshade

Thanks so much!