Your setups


Sneaky shot. This is the angle that pulls me into the studio.


Good luck and congrats on the baby!

I have some ilouds and I really like them. I was surprised at the amount of good and clear bass they can deliver. I think there are more than a few people around here that have a pair.


What’s the box to the left of the DT?




thanks g!

i’d trade the dot for whistler any day haha. lived right downtown for 5 or so years then moved back to the burbs (mississauga). it’s a nice change, air quality is noticeably better too =)


Looks like you do some polyphonic patching



Yes sir, sure do. Many people say that it is too pricey, or that it is too much work to get setup, but I’ve found that the merging of DSP and analog in the modular world has really changed that and it seems to be especially good at it. I see my modular as the ultimate synth. The only reason to have anything else is workflow really.

That said there is just something about Elektron boxes that I can’t get enough of. Each box is like an island unto itself and i find that it can be really helpful in the creative process.


after some cleaning, streamlining and such for the new year. small things have made a big impact, like programming the crap out of the X-keys 24 so there’s a button for a ton of things and swapping the Oxygen and the computer keyboard. I feel a lot more productive anyway. Even organized some samples… well, maybe just figured out how to use Loopcloud more effectively.


Here is where I spend a lot of time - making tracks then mixing them.


I found it on flee market. Can’t say more about it other than ‘Piamino’ label on the front. It seems they are often sold in Stockholm area.


The K1 was the first synth I ever saw in person! My middle school music teacher had one. Started the obsession…


Bought them, impulse buy after your positive vote. Great little speakers, very impressed and ridiculously good to place anywhere. Thx


Nice. I always wanted and Audity 2000 when they came out.


Is that a K4R over in the rack?


I bought one years ago thinking I’d use it. I have literally never even plugged it in. It’s been sitting in a road case rack ever since. Your post reminded me that I had it.


What desk is that? I need about 16U of rack space, and that looks perfect!

Had my eye on an Argosy Halo, but it’s super expensive…



Any of you having a home studio layout that does not face up against a wall? (computer, audio interface, monitors, bunch of external synths)

I work all day in front of a computer so When i make Music last thing I want is sitting or standing in front of a wall…i need to find a setup that allow me to visually “breathe” from time to time.

Also, when some band mates come to work at home, I am more or less constraint to install them backwards. So we are not facing each other…

Any ideas? :slightly_smiling_face:



I’m torn bw selling it and keeping it. It has the extra ROM so it has a million sounds and many are interesting. Compared to today’s hardware and software synths, it’s nearly impossible to program, which is frustrating. Somebody made a good librarian but I can’t get it to work with my unit. I think it’s because of the extra ROM


It’s an omnirax omnidesk Circa 1998. Honestly, it’s overkill for my current set up because I’ve gotten rid of so much Hardware. The under the desk racks are not useful for something where you need to turn a lot of knobs a lot of the time. The above the desk racks are fine for the units that are in it, but it forces you to put your monitors a bit too high. I’ve been wanting a desk with angled rack spaces so that I can get the monitors down. Can’t justify the cost though, like you say