Your setups


Haha. It’s a Sonos speaker. I just thought this made for a nice clean minimalistic setup. Whenever I walk past I flick on the OP-Z and jam a little.


You have a spare room in London?! o.O


You use it as a limiter?


Consider building a second level on your desk, if you want to keep your stuff. I found quite a simple way: 2 laptop stands (Adam Hall build solid steel ones), cut a plank to the fitting size, put it on top, and voilà: it’s even angled. I got two of those in the background:


Definitely. Just want to make sure they are low enough to not mess with the audio coming from monitors. Your setup is sweet.


Montitors should be placed such that the tweeters are at or near ear height. Those are way high.


Unless you are standing up and everything on that table is positioned for someone standing in front of the table :kissing_heart:


But youre BOTH sitting…:thinking::face_with_raised_eyebrow::face_with_monocle::exploding_head:

Im only 2’9”…sorry for assuming :kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart:


What if we had a pogo stick? Mmmmm


There’s a hidden Digitone :wink:


Starting to think this way about Ableton+Push 2+LaunchControl XL vs Digitakt. But… it still feels nice to have a sampler around when I don’t feel like waiting 20 minutes for the computer and Ableton to warm up (2011 imac).


Hi , can you tell me what is the brand of this piano, and what is the official name for such pianos. Can’t seam to find it on line…


Cleeeeeaan! What’s that kickstand on the octatrack - DIY?


This -> Folding end cheeks
The furniture on the right is DIY though




Not ready yet. It’s my living room setup at the moment. As we habe a little baby right now only headphones. On the edge to buy iloud micro monitors to place at the sides of the modular on the Rhodes. For me it is a dream setup with lots of sonic exploring. I am no producer so this is all I need. (more than enough).
In my studio room there’s not that much more equipment. a 12 channel mixer. Some fx pedals , and big monitor speakers. m-audio ex 66. Really love them and they very cheap as no one wanted to buy reference mid field speakers made by a budget company for over 2000€ per pair. :slight_smile:


ripped from instagram story, but the current setup. Shout outs to @Fraction_Industries for the wonderful service and amazing elektron stand that’s housing my A4/AR. I’ve elevated the rack a bit with some wood slats so the OT cables can clear underneath. nice to have a little more deskspace again :slight_smile:

and we’ve gotten some really cold weather here in the Toronto area, so of course i naturally curl up to my my machines ^____^

edit: updated with new pic not taken on an iphone ;d


Wow, that’s one heck of a setup!


Nice setup!
I’m from TDot originally but have been living in Whistler/Squamish for 20years.


damn very inspiring room, like entering your spaceship, command center!