Your setups


Everything finally setup😊


Looking power packed my Pro-One brother from another mother.


Thank you my Pro1 brother :blush: May the beats be with you :smiley:


It’s an Ikea hacked stand I put together myself.

The shelves are Lack (some cutting was needed for the speaker stands):

The ‘legs’ are kitchen worktop brackets:


Sweet, thanks! Got myself a couple of lacks last week. :smile:


current av studio nook :

(posted in tiny house thread also)


Same here, Its something about making music with everything on the floor. Very nice setup



standing setup


Good Idea. I like how the power is all on top.


Put me in a corner, but with a view.
Editing, arranging, mixing, recording, drum racks, coding, etc.

Programming bars with the graphic display of the TR-707 is how I keep things wholesome in the bedroom. Percussion synthesis with no menu diving. The ER-1 is sync’d up and provides more than just dual inputs. Punchy and/or glitchy, but in the end it’s about the patterns, so it’s all just MIDI.


When ready, the iConnectMIDI4+ handles the TR-707, ER-1, as well as the Nord Micro Modular.

I have my hands full with Max/MSP, so I think I’m probably going to send the Micro Modular up to a friend (since no one else seems to be interested in it). Just because a synth is indeed very cool doesn’t mean it needs to be on my desk at all times.


Did you ditch the sp303?


Just messing about with these tonight. Still renovating so no room for other gear on the desk. That SH01a is really pissing me off tho… the damn thing plays sequences on it’s own I just wanna play it normally lol

Lights off, Lights on :joy::joy::joy:


Yes. Sold it here last weekend. Another legitimately cool instrument that didn’t feel right to keep.

I like to play with samples but my laptop is already a sampler and I have too many samples to choose from. Using MPD pads and controlling send FX in Ableton Live using the Launch Control XL feels more expressive, direct, and hands on to me. It only took about a year to realize it. :slight_smile:


that’s the boss BX-8 right?
do you have any feedback about it ? good/bad etc.?


Yup! I has two effect sends. The EQ is basic but beefy. The overdrive is very nice, but can kill headroom.

I bought it near mint. I would like something with a sweepable mid, but for what it is (reliable, easy to use, nice sounding) it’s great.

I’ve also been pretty happy with how masters have turned out. If you want to hear, let me know!

Best if you’re a bit into lo-fi. I’ve even turned a few friends on to it as well!


Interesting … I like the form factor and the price.
I’ve read somewhere that people use them for drums because they add some nice coloring (saturation/distortion)

Yeah sure!


I have to move gear about lots here as I’m still renovating the house, most of this gear is in the garage for the past 2yrs so just have Quantum and a few botiqyes on the desk, hope to use the rest at some point

Couple of Nords

Getting my Nova’s customised

My beloved NOVA XL


Stuff I have on my desk now

It’s a pain swapping gear out right now, hopefully by Christmas 2019 I’ll be sorted tut tut :thinking::grinning:!


Yeah, the circuits lend really for soft distortion and heavy saturation.

Here are 3 mastered tracks and a bunch of live stuff and random tracks all using the BX-8.

Hope you can pick one up cheap and in good condition! Clean is key.