Your setups


The shruthi is indeed a shruthi, just with dj tech tools knobs - the rainbow thing I just finished making - is the mb6582 version of the midibox SID with 8 SID chips in 4 stereo pairs.


Haha :slight_smile:

On the left:
Serge modular (since shrinked to one panel)
Roland SH-2, SH-7, SH-5

On the right:
Roland SH-1 (since gone)
Oberheim OB-6

Console (left)
Doepfer vocoder
Dynacord MDL-10 delay
MXR digital delay

Console (center)
TLA Valvemaster M1 tube mixer (since gone)

Console (right)
Dynacord TAM21 flanger
Roland A-880 MIDI patcher

On the table:
Roland MPU-101
Octatrack (not visible)
2x Korg SQ-1
Eventide Space


Thanks pulsn. I often miss the MNM, for its workflow and for the musical results I got with it.

The Digitone has exclusively been a “couch box” for me, I haven’t integrated it in any tracks yet. I like its sound and programming versatility, and the arpeggiator is great. It’s easy to come up with Plaid-like, dreamy arps.


Technotrolley MkIII

Got rid of the Digitone (I’m using that on it’s own for shorter, more abstract pieces) and replaced the TB03 with an SH01A. Brought the mixer up where I can make better use of it and put the reverb and delay pedals at the bottom, routed through the AUX of the mixer. The Digitakt is now controlling everything all on its own. For the music I make this might be the perfect setup. Then again, I said that the last two times…


I hadn’t heard of the Midibox 6582 before, just watched some vids on yotube. Looks like a cracking synth.


just starting to realise how deep it actually is - loads of modulation options, and SIDs sound gnarly when you have six oscillators detuned in stereo… Took a bit of building but definitely worth it! The drum engine is really fat too.




Bit of a reshuffle after coming back from holiday… finding this layout much more intuitive.

Erica Synths Techno System

The monitors are behind you?


Ahhhh… I’m glad you asked.

There are some criteria that I have to adhere to as it’s my living room. Both the wife and I agree the position looks aesthetically pleasing in the room. As a default, sure I tried to get them positioned differently; however, it’s where my wife wants them and it does look better. It is more practical. I prefer it now.

When I mix down I sit opposite the sofa and the speakers point at me in the ideal listening position. Very important.
But when I jam I have found freedom in not being confined to a desk.
I remember when I studied Spatial Design, another term for interior design, all students were sat down at the desk, hands in their head racking their brains for inspiration and I thought … no… no, no, no, NO… I went and took a walk outside. Came back with fresh insight.

That said, I have spent many a year sat in the ideal location trying to make music. Not anymore. My space now is interchangeable for mixing and jamming. When a band jams they don’t sit at a desk and neither do I. But yesterday, I spun the couch around and had the speakers facing me. I turned it back around and left the sofa. I need to be free when I’m sketching ideas and that is what my space currently provides. I need to be sat in the recommended listening position when mixing and that is what my space currently provides. A living room needs to be a space that everyone can enjoy and it is.

There are still a few work flow issues to be ironed out and the room is awful for acoustics.
I’ve never been happier in a space to create music, the only way is up.


A peak through the (dirty!) window of the shed :smile:

Where the magic happens :smile:


What’s that little shelf you have your Octatrack and pedals on? Looking for a solution like that to my little room. :slight_smile:


This is the first time i have ever seen a fake Egg chair (or real for that matter) in a studio.


It was kind of dumped down into the shed after we got new living room furniture and its sort of comfy and I can swing about in it like Blofeld from the bond movies so I kept it :smile:


Sorry this is shitty. I just did it on my phone using photoshop mix. Not up to my usual proper PS styles.
Couldn’t resist/wait.


Ha ha nice one :smile:


Please PM your adress and when you are on vacation, hehe ;)…


Ha ha, I refuse to go on vacation unless there is one of my family to stay at home and look after my Bulldog buddies :smile: When I first got them I sent my daughter in my place for our 20th wedding anniversary holiday as I didn’t want to leave them!

Plus you would have to get past Alfie, the pack leader

Here he is on guard duty and a high state of alert with his favourite toy!


I will bring my dog along to play with yours :)…
She is just 10 weeks and will grow A LOT :slight_smile:


Your dog might grow big

But Alfie is Gangsta!!!