Your setups


It is certainly a question of personal taste. But when I play space is usually really an issue, most venues are only prepared to host DJs who bring their MP3 files. I can put aside a Pioneer CDJ and have room for the “old” Analog Rytm and the Digitakt. Imagine the space you need with two or three mk2 units! When I travel I can easily fit three mk1 in a Magma DJ Riot backpack, there is still space for a little mixer. No way this would fit with the large mk2s.


Get some decent speakers before buying more synths.


Updated pedalboard setup. Missing the strymon okai that will power the 5 pedals but giving the wallet a breather. (Especially since i haven’t moved the board from this very spot for weeks).

Sold the ju-06 and got an op1 (3rd time’s the charm). Op1 goes into the mobius, which is underrated but fantastic. Apart from choruses etc it has a great lo Fi engine, filters, etc…and it is stereo. That goes into the brigadier, (which is the capistan’s bastard stepbrother but i prefer the sound) and last in yhe chainbis the bigsky. All stereo. Normally i have the op1 connected but i can just unplug it and plug in a guitar or my rev2 into it. Loads of fun.


He has KRKs, whats wrong with them?


Very true!

Honestly, I can’t even remember how I got a lot of sounds in my songs unless I open a DAW file and look at track names. At the time it seems so important - got to use one of these for a good bass. Have to have this synth for the lead, etc. A few months after release I’ve forgotten what I used, and can’t “guess the synth” in the track unless it’s something really obvious. Sometimes I think - “man, I miss my Juno or whatever, now I can’t get that sound anymore”. But, then I open the DAW file and it was Diva or a TAL vst, etc.

Point is, I agree. Songs matter most to me as well, not what tools I used to produce them. Someone told me recently that they think of producing songs and the gear hunt as two related but ultimately separate hobbies. I can see that in my own musical behavior/history/productivity as well.


Yeah more gear for me means less output becaus i feel that i am under using something and force it. That’s why i got rid of most of my gear.

I’m incredibly gas free at the moment. Hopefully that lasts but i hardly use anything but my ipad and octatrack board. Down to 1 electric and 1 acoustic guitar and one uke. used to have about 10 guitars and “gasp” have gas about different color configurations. Only hardware synth i have is the rev2 which i truly love,…but i hardly power it on.


this pretty much looks like my studio condition most of the time, a little chaos theory


Bedtime setup



Pugs RULE!


Where have you found the Beatsteps for sale in black?


Yea, he’s the best !


A real dog chills next to his portrait. Pug life, yo.


Black Edition

Mine was delivered within 2 days


You might not have heard, but Arturia have just recently reissued the Keystep and Beatsteps in black so they’re widely available again.


Can I ask in a forward fashion - what it’s like to listen/mix in this space (loft I take it)?


27"…my eyesight became pretty Bad…and it was only 79€ more for me than the 21,5" Model with the same specs.


Definitely hadn’t heard, thanks!


Awesome, thanks!


I am the same way. If I have too much I get gear fatigue and won’t be productive at all. Down to a Digitakt/Digitone/Minilogue/Neutron setup with a Strat, drum set, and a Uke. Also an iPad as my workhorse.