Your setups


I make bass heavy music so it fits. I do own an ultranova and a reface dx for the high end and atmospheres. :):sunglasses:


Ah, the GAS cycle continues. Digitakt is the latest addition. I bought it so I could make a little “song-starting station” away from the distractions of the computer. But the more I use it the more I think I don’t need all this other crap and should just use the DT as a compact sketchpad to start songs and then finish them in Live.

I wish I could be one of these people who has a room full of gear to choose from at any moment. I love researching, buying, and testing new gear. But when it starts to pile up it eventually begins to give me anxiety (and my setup is nothing compared to some I’ve seen). Anybody else ever feel like this?


  1. Maybe I’ll start a “one comes in, one goes out” policy.
  2. Maybe keep extra gear on the shelf and only pair one thing at a time with the Digitakt. Sequence it, sample it, move on.


This happened to me. DT really focused me and got me thinking the same way. Granted, I later added a Digitone and Heat, but with those, I don’t really lust after sound sources. FX pedals on the other hand…! With a kid (and one on the way), I’ve been on a one-in-one-out system, and have actually slimmed down the setup. It’s quite liberating. I still feel like I could trim down more, since I can only work with one or two pieces at a time. However, as long as each piece brings something different to the table, it gets to stay. However, nothing is sacred (except maybe the Heat - I can’t live without it­™) I guess for me, after many years of gear lusting and experimenting, I’m finally fine-tuning the setup that gives me the escape that I want.


Had a great day today . . .

Dismantled everything; added a new bit of gear; repositioned everything; tidied cables; plugged it all in; pressed play.

Sometimes I wonder if I don’t get more enjoyment from just unplugging shit and moving it around, and plugging it back in again. Maybe I should have been a roadie.


I hope to reach that point as well. I’ve bought and sold so much gear it makes my head spin when I see the full list. I think what I really need to do is focus less on gathering together the perfect setup, because that just doesn’t exist, imo. I can see the DT and a mixer as the core of my setup though, and then focus on a system rather than a setup - self-enforced limitations and deep diving into one piece of gear at a time, and one in / one out.


I have two H9s and would likely buy a third. Fantastic pedals, extremely versatile. Effectively they’re a TimeFactor, ModFactor, PitchFactor, Space, and a handful of other H9-only algos all in one box. Completely MIDI controllable (I even wrote a Max-4-live plugin to allow algorithm automation in Ableton for it so you can run it like a VST), and as @overunity said, the H9 app lets you get to everything too. I’ve also mapped a Midi Fighter Twister to control both of my units as a hands-on knobby interface. Overall, they’re a much better value than the 'factor series in terms of what you get for your money (buy one Maxed Out unit and up to 4 other units you buy will be automatically Maxed out for free!) and in terms of quality of algorithm (TimeFactor and Space especially are legendary pedals, and the H9 is identical to those when running their algorithms, while incorporating the best of both into a couple new algorithms just for the H9 too). I really can’t say enough good things about these pedals - they aren’t going to “sound like” any other pedal out there, but what they do “sound like” is really fantastic and equal with any other top-league pedal out there if not better in places. Add to that the insane versatility without “dumbing down” the algorithms compared to the dedicated Factor pedals and you’ve got a winner.

They especially complement the Elektron stuff well since they offer so much more than just standard reverb, delay, and crunch (but they offer that too) - effectively you can add modulation effects, stack delays (or get multitap delays), add leslie or other pitch/trem effects, or whatever suits your patch best. And with both preset and fully unlocked sysex/MIDI control for the parameters, you can even sequence them from the Elektrons or change preset with your pattern changes, etc.


WOW, that looks perfect!


Haha, I’m exactly the same!


I’m going through this process too. I’m down to 4x sound sources, 3 pedals and a mixer. All fits on a 100x65 table and more importantly now fits in my head!


Gear anxiety is as real as GAS :weary:


Nice work area.
I slimmed way down and try to use one instrument for one typebof spund in the music I make. Rytm - drums, A4 - bass and mid chords, DIgitone - mid to highs with an Eventide space and Roland space echo.


So i wanted to build this Stuga for studio purposes for some time now.
I spent 2 months building it and it’s finally here. Currently i mostly use it for mixing.
Creative corner is build around my piano at home. It makes me quite happy :slight_smile:
Also i was lucky to get this ‘Piamino’ miniature Piano for 20$ - quite a bugger to tune though.


Do you have to ask permission to build it ? Where I live, it would require autorization from the local authorities :sob:


Is that a 1176 under the modular? May I ask how you are using that?


It is “Friggebod” so no permissions needed.

Yes, that’s 1176. I use it as a preamp/compressor for my mic which goes into modular.


bought second hand Blofeld today.
still have 2 free channels in the mixer, so will buy second hand Circuit next month.


My GAS and my desire for minimalism are at constant war with one another.


I 2nd that. I have 2 x h9. Great to control midi cc from them


Tell me about it. I’m a minimalist in almost every other area in my life, but music gear just somehow seems to be an exempt category, lol.


some combination of dirty phone, finger in lens and the currently smokey atmosphere here makes this look like an old disposable camera