Your setups


I have loved the a4 sound the very beginning. I also love the larger form factor of the mk 2 (only reason i bought a keys was for individual outs, but OB etc).


I just began fiddling around with the A4. And I already love it! Its fun to play with (4 monophonic synths in one box!!) and the sound is fantastic. Its a little bit expensive but if you can spare the money I totally recommend it!



I also love the A4 as a 4 part monosynth never let it go :wink:


I will not, ever! My setup is mostly complete now, maybe I gonna grab a Waldorf Kyra when its out. But with what I have now (synth-wise) I have plenty to play with for the years to come :slight_smile:


Yes I’m interested to see the Kyra.

Every time I look at Synths I just end up doing it in modular instead, not that that’s a problem!


2 more arrivals yesterday to the setup… Keystep and Beatstep Pro… I have ordered another Beatstep Pro to see if I can chain them and have them and the Keystep triggered by Digitakt… Absolutely love the black versions.


Both of the arturia sequencers look much better in black!


I agree, the other black Beatstep Pro arrives Tuesday. Absolutely loving it.


How does your new Quantum perform? :slight_smile:


To each his own. I absolutely love the sound of the A4.


I love the Quantum, the sound is absolutely fabulous. So easy to program, I’m starting a bank of sounds for it. I haven’t even scratched the surface of this thing.
Makes for good christmas lights too haha


If I would ever win the lottery… So I will wait for the Kyra…


Ah yes KYRA… My lips are sealed


been playing this in a shop for an hour or so … if it wasn’t so big and expensive I would have bought it right away - one day…

Oh… wow… Waldorf makes the Exodus Valkyre successor?! That is awesome! Thanks for the info!


Yes Quantum is very big… I need a new desk top just for her alone. She’s heavy BUT she is a beast of a synth. I’m 100% happy with Quantum here, pristine in every way.



Your thoughts betray you… :slight_smile:


I hope they add some sweet wavetable synthesis to the Kyra :pray:


Updated setup :wink:


@jano, @Python, thank you guys for pointing to the Jaspers stands.
Jaspers holder clamps (almost) perfectly fit Yamaha e-drums rack tubes/
(37.8 mm vs 38.1 mm … will sit either out of the box or just after few minutes of work).
now i know what to buy to mount all my gear on that rack. :point_up_2:


Had a little re-jig to make room for a double keyboard stand. Have a Virus ti2 61 key arriving this week. Excited!