Your setups


Fun fun fun… :smiley:


Nice! Those monitors look awesome - care to elaborate?


These are high end transducers from Driade and the power amp is from van Medevoort, Dutch brands. Tweeters by Dynaudio, midunits and woofers by Eton.

Studio use 103mk2
I also have a second set the 44 (last photo)


If they sound half as good as they look you’re winning :happy: :thup:


LoL! I just saw your post on the Audulus forum. VCV also works really well. One big thing about Audulus is there is a Windows version that is out of date compared to the Mac/iOS version. So avoid the windows version.


:eyes: Busted!

I don’t own a Windows machine anymore but the advice can be useful to other people in the forum. VCV looks great but Audulus has the advantage of running on iOS, maybe I should use both :grin:


With VCV being free and having all the mutable modules? Definitely have both at your disposal. Audulus is just much easier to get atomic and make your own modules from the ground up without having to learn how to code. I like to push myself to learn more about FM and wave-shaping and with Audulus I can really get specific and try out crazy ideas. It may sounds like static sometimes, but when I get a sound I like from these experiments it is just that much more rewarding.


holly shit


that sidstation . that setup man hoolllly shit


Holy shit! They remind me of the monolith from 2001. Do they propel you into the next age of evolution when you’re listening to Strauss?


that genelecs


I own a couple of Yammie Rm1x’s. They were my main sequencer for years. I love those ugly green (blue?) boxes.


Not all my setup but the one I use for my current track


Spend about an hour cleaning up the set up, re-patched everything and almost maxed out the Mackie 1202. Two channels I left open for the Roland vt-4 I pre-ordered. I know people always say ‘it’s finally complete’ and then buy new stuff anyway, so I hope that won’t be the case here, because I’m really happy with it now. The routing capabilities of the 1202 are used very efficiently: send 1 goes to the digitakt for easy sampling, send 2 to the op-1 also to sample, mute /alt 3-4 goes to the Roland 404, as it can sample in stereo, control out goes to an old edirol sound interface to record into Cubase. The sound interface feeds back into the tape in of the 1202 so I can have it also on the monitors. The digitakt is the brain and sends midi to all other gear (except the op-1) via a Kenton thru-5. Next thing to do is see how the op-z integrates, as it just arrived yesterday and I only used it on its own so far.


Is that one of those Jaspers stands?


Yes, it’s a Jaspers stand. A bit pricey, but really worth the money in my opinion. It’s pretty stable and the angles can easily be adjusted whether you prefer standing or sitting or anything in between.


I like how compact everything is.


Looks like a great option for a full setup, nice!


Bought an A4 and switched the MPK for a Korg Nanostudio…


How are you liking the A4? I was always very tempted by its functionality, but the actual sound always left me cold.