Your setups


Hahahahahaha that stand… it is just the right height!

I love those half racks. They get hot but they are excellent!

Regarding the outboard effects, I live in Japan where there are a plethora of used goods stores that have bargains galore in store. I have had to shop around to carve out my ideal set up but it’s been fun. I go around these stores take snap shots of all the items and research them. After years of doing this I have found out soooooo much and I’ve got a lot of stories to tell.

The DX7 was ¥1000 / $10… needed a battery replacing.
The VF-1 ¥1,200 / $12 … the new cashier rung it through the till incorrectly.

The list goes on… hehehe



Where, when? Can I come next time? :smile:
Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Yorkshire?


Ha, Ha anytime. Wales. Just moved in and i’m going to enjoy this winter I think.


How do I mega-like this post?


I moved into a new place almost a year ago with a wood stove, love it. I highly recommend not storing the wood inside, I did and it was awful. It was my fourth fire and out of no where there were droves of baby spiders all over. Hanging from the ceiling, walls, on my dog. Gross, hate spiders. Now I bring it in as I burn it. All that aside, congrats on the new place!






Home alone until Monday… pulling an all nighter. OT wanted some home brew samples… :alien::sleeping_bed:


I had similar ideas last year when it was colder here.
Perfect fire side companion.


Elektron, red wine and a fire are indeed a great combination.


Horror show.


Had to include my Fire side pic with the DN!


But where are all the spiders :joy:


Ha, outside where they belong


Now I’ve got fire GAS.


That’s all I could afford in London…


This lot just came yesterday so making use of the space for a jam while I renovate this room so as I can fit the rest of my gear in here, the Quantum is like taking up all my space it’s built like a tank


Nice, how you liking the 01a?


Great combination that could finished like the worst: red wine on digitakt, then the drunk useless digitakt into the fire! :wink: