Your setups


Volca sample… Nice one. This little critter sure knows how to compliment a drum kit.


It’s great! The sample belongs to my bandmate so I’m not that familiar with it… But I love the sound, and the pitch algorithms are a nice contrast to those used in the Octatrack.

What a time to make electronic music, so many affordable and great sounding boxes around!


So what does the Cirklon sequence?
SiCK setup btw


Still learning so I’m far to be as comfortable as with the Elektron.
SH-01a, Avalon Bassline and Shruthi-01 are usual targets… :slight_smile:
I want to treat the old gear with it in the future.
And it’s basically the clock for everything.
But I have to practice a lot before I get some muscle memory on this one !


I freaked out when my Squarp arrived, and had a mild meltdown a few hours into using it.
The next day I just switched it on in live mode and recorded in real time. So simple. It’s just a genetically enhanced 8 track reel to reel.


Fantastic looking setup!
how do you record your tracks?
multi tracking or all in one channel? ( the mixer 8 channels?)
is the cirklon your main sequencer or does it share sequencing with the Arturia keystep?


Awesome setup, especially the modular with the cables. Look super clean! Was also curious to know what modules you’re running?


My FireWire MBP died on me, the Alesis 12 FW cannot record 14 tracks simultaneously anymore.
I will get a Qu24 very soon cause recording in stereo with the H4n is not my thing :slight_smile:
I want a red button for multitrack recording !!
And a lot of aux :wink:


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please forgive my ignorance : why the reluctance to record in stereo?


guessing the point was that multitrack recording is preferred over just a single stereo out from the mixer into the H4N.


:slight_smile: ok…



Re: clean look of modular: was never happy with the clutter, and reduced accessibility of standard eurorack cables.

I’ve since changed my live case cables, to right angled ones from a new company called Tendrils. Makes a huge difference, and just like that the whole case is much easier to use.

With regards to modules I basically have it as a two voice system, with multiple cv sequencers for real time loopable automation. I switch it around every gig, to keep it interesting for me to use. Employing multi-mode oscillators so I can quickly change the tone to switch it up when moving from one groove to another. And then i have a midi to cv for clock from OT and Erbe Verb for tweakable fx from the system & as many filters as I can fit in! Currently two, but want to squeeze at least one more in!


Indeed. Once it’s carved in the stereo, where’s the fun of arranging ?
Although stereo-only leads you to finish faster…

I’m fond of multitrack recording and further tweaking, that’s all. Hence the Qu24.


Great!! I’ll check out the tendrils cables, pretty neat! I actually could recognize about 10 of your modules from afar lol


Yeah I’ve changed to using mainly tendrils.


Calling @sezare56 photoshop plz :smiley:


Why is that a game changer, I am legit interested.


I don’t get it…don’t know tendrils…


Part of a plant, like on a fern …