Your setups


thats crazy they are so detailed!


I’ve sat listening all day and shaking my head in disbelief. Astounded.

It’s been an education.


A lot of monitor consumers tend to focus on the lower number in the frequency spectrum and often miss the importance of having a clear higher end of the frequency. It makes such a difference.


I’ve got the same monitors, they’re incredible, but do take a little time to get used to. I had Eve SC208’s before and they are really different.


Don’t cover them up!


Yes as I said above I will be getting more appropriate stands soon. Today in-fact.


Still haven’t got round to fixing your foot rest?
By the looks of it, you’ll have to hang the monitors from the ceiling.



Finally someone with a pulse 2 :))


I’ve had to get creative with positioning. I’ve a Leipzig Sk coming in the next week and nowhere to put it :slight_smile:
Sold the Voyager RME yesterday so no footrest anymore :smile:


Dig this setup. Compact, to the point. Nice place, looks like a sweet spot to work on tunes. Is that an IKEA desk?


Love the synth but hate the filter - dial in a tiny bit of res and lose all bass :frowning:


wow where is the computer in this setup? :thinking:


Under the plant


computers only really used now for converting the audio files to mp3’s for video editing, it’s on the left hand side out of shot :slight_smile:


i forgot to report back!

yes, the Soma Pipe definitely works as an FX box for any input. I can get better results more quickly running the Rytm or a synth into it than I can with my own voice and the mic, but I love the challenge of having to sing or spit or whatever into the Pipe. it’s the most in-the-machine i’ve ever felt.


had my nice new rytm and digitone + more lifted from my car last week so had to pull out the busted mono octatrack and borrowed an analog four! Can’t wait to be back in rytmland soon though


Dude, that sucks. The stealing, not the setup…


What is that Ensoniq and why is your SEM pro looking sad in the corner?


an E$Q-1 with dead battery mod, and the sem is not sad it’s chilling in my Bass Station!