Your setups


How do you find using it in the context of a song?
Am considering purchasing one (or the Meris Polymoon) to add some complex/less conventional delay fx.


Nice setup…you should try to get a nord micro modular at Ebay would be suit well :wink:


I mostly use it as fx for my pulse 2 but also to experiment with the Digitone and Blofeld which can lead to some unconventional results. I also thought about the Polymoon, maybe I will get that as well. But back to your question, I cant answer it. I think it depends on personal taste and style. Maybe you can watch some yt-videos to get a better picture of how these pedals sound. I am sorry that I cant be more precise as I also lack the Polymoon for a direct comparison. What I can say is that I am totally happy with the ST and that Henry (the developer) is a very kind person who already ironed out some bugs I found in a firmware release.

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There was a micro modular on ebay-kleinanzeigen, I thought about it but went with the AR MK II which I also bought used. The clavia micro modular would require me to use a PC and since I try to stay dawless I dropped the ball on it…

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dawless…ahh come on :smiley:
Hybrid workflow is the key to the universe :wink:


Years of Reason tought me otherwise and as I have to work on my PC all day (programmer) I am glad if I can do something without it ;)… hehe


Thanks, that is helpful. I know what I’m looking for (sonically), YT video’s for both pedals show them in a very positive light, just hadn’t seen a Specular Tempus in anyone’s set-up and was interested to know if it was a happy union. It’s great to hear that a developer is actively supporting/improving their product. Pretty confident the GFI will be my next purchase.


I do not regret buying it. But as I have seen the Polymoon does way more unconventional stuff. So its a bit apples and oranges as far as I can tell.

I found this review very useful:

And this video finally sold it for me: (even if I personally do not compose such myself, I wish I was able to, but I am more into (oldschool) techno):



Yeah that first video! All fx pedals should run through same test.

It’s hard with the second video to “hear” the pedal as there is no comparison. Could equally be a Blofeld or Arturia demo.

Spoilt for choice, will probably get both pedals eventually as they can go in different directions.


Mixer arrived today, it’s massive!!! Put the Treadstone on top of it to give an idea of scale, nicked a bench out of the kitchen to build upwards as I’m running put of space. Up to my neck in wires sorting it, but this could be roughly what i settle on. Have to make sure I can still connect everything and it’s functional to use.

The poor Moog RME on the floor has a wonky filter so I am going to have that repaired and sell it in one of my bargaintastic sales (with a warranty from the repair service) as it’s not something I’d use anymore :slight_smile:


Reminds me of rosemary the telephone operator from Hong Kong phooey.


Hah ha, funny enough I was thinking about that cartoon the other day. Here’s a pic for those that don’t know the mild mannered janitor :smile:


i use rain stand


Which mixer is that? I can’t tell from the photo.


Allen and Heath Qu32, sort of inconspicuous and hidden amongst the synths :smile:


Good old Penry :smiley:


. The Multiclock has been a game changer for working with Daw and hardware integration.


I love the Bassstation 1 <3


Not the best photo, but another re-shuffle of gear and whoops, kind of splashed out on the Neumann KH310A! Just need to sort out some more appropriate stands soon.

I know it’s the kind of thing people say a lot but I listened to some of my favourite tracks by Clark, and noticed things I’ve never heard before in the high frequencies I’ve never noticed before.

Extremely impressed, and personally I much prefer a very flat response for listening for pleasure too. They are incredibly well behaved and accurate and work very well in my small room. No need for a sub anymore either!

EDIT: Just listened to Aphex Twin Syro - Track Syro, there’s a high pitched whine which I can hear in the beginning. Hilarious! Sounds like some of his gear was buzzing un-wantedly! Wow. These are unreal.

EDIT 2: I can hear the pops and clicks of waveforms from synths which get cut off or started where the waveform isn’t at 0 on it’s cycle from his fast sequencing. These things are out of this world in detail. I’m floored, and in awe.

EDIT: 3: I can hear the small nuances in the sequencing like I’ve never heard before. It’s so clear it’s almost like listening to it 4 times slower so that you can hear everything and allow your brain to process it. I’m gushing but these are just amazing.

EDIT4: I can hear the exact amount of processed distortion on every single drum hit and synth jab - Aphex seems to vary that a lot in his sequencing. OK I’ll stop now :wink:

One more pic:


For that price they had better be amazing, and make a mean pumpkin spice latte :slight_smile:
Seriously tho congrats, those are some dream monitors.