Your setups


Supportive girlfriend there


Lucky him :slight_smile:


So simple that you too can make it on the kitchen counter for under $20 while your Woman Commander visits her Mum.


Eh what’s going on? Can we cut out the weird gendered stuff here pllllllz? I wanna see more setup photos, this is my favourite thread!! <3


You are right - it is darker irl - but it looks the same in that photo! How strange :slight_smile:


Yeah I was just gonna say… starting to feel like a sticky old man’s club… this is the internet all different types of people are here not just middle aged married men






What kind of furniture do you have the keyboards on?


Home made.
You can buy the parts from some hardware stores. It’s square aluminium tubing with plastic three way joints; just cut to your own length and snap together.

My setup there all slides away under each other to the wall, and out too so I don’t ever have to reach for the Sub37 or Rev2.


Love the Nord Modulars :blush::ok_hand:


I have heard so many people saying this!

I like your plants.


Thats the hobby of my wife orchids…:smiley: they are an optical finish for the nords…but ive been allways scared when they need water :smiley: dont come to close to them :smiley:


Thank you, unfortunately we dont have that kind of hardware stores in the country where i live.


Hi, I’m curious… what are those red shining synths? Thanks:)


Its a Moog Voyager


After some fiddling around, Id like to share my updated workspace:

Blofeld&Pulse are missing their audio out cables, got to buy some longer ones… AR MKII fits in awesome, it’s very good for techno beats :slight_smile:


Is that a GFI System Specular Tempus hiding behind the MPK?


yes indeed :slight_smile:


I have this picture on my website,! Thanks again, and good to run into you on here!